Attractive Potion (Girls Only!)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 hair of you
  • 7 rose petals
  • Cinnamon
  • A wooden bowl
  • A suitable Potion bottle (e.g. I used a small decorative Italian vase)

This Spell will show you how to do an Attractive Potion. It will make your true love come to you. It is a truly powerful Potion, so use it wisely!

Casting Instructions for 'Attractive Potion (Girls Only!)'

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Take the Potion bottle and place it on a flat surface. Fill it halfway up with hot tap water, then while you're putting in the ingredients, recite the Spell:

'Goddess of Beaty, Goddess of Love, please find my true love (put in 2 rose petals).
Let him find me in one weeks' time (put in a quarter of your cinnamon).
I (put in your one hair) shall be more beautiful (put in a rose petal) than I am now (put in another quarter of the cinnamon).
Make me the most beautiful girl around (put in 3 rose petals and quarter of the cinnamon).
Make my true love (put in a rose petal) love me (put in all the cinnamon that's left).
So let it be! (put in the last rose petal)'

After you have recited the Spell, put the lid onto your Potion bottle and shake it five times. Then open it and tip the Potion into the bowl. Take all the rose petals from the bowl and apply them onto your face and eyes and wait 7 minutes. Then take them off, rip them all up and put them in the bowl again. Dip your face in the Potion. Then dip both of your hands in it. Say 'Thank you' and leave the Potion to cool for 10 minutes.


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