Love charm

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •ribbon
  • • needles 5
  • •paper
  • • 2 different lip glosses ( one should be very sticky)
  • • lips

This spell is quick and easy I have used this and it worked very quickly and so have my friends
Side affects: head hurts, body will hurt , weird feelings ( for girls it will be around the chest area

Casting Instructions for 'Love charm'

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Ok on the paper write " dear goddess of love I ask of thy to make _____ fall in love with me ____ " from there tell her how you meet how long you know them and state your problem after put mote it be and merry meet and merry meet here and back Once done fold it up and kiss it. Fold it again and kiss it keep folding until its a rectangle or square. Then cute the ribbon so nits long enough to go across then hav it go up and to the side so like + than on one end poke a needle through each edge in the middle put a needle there. Than kiss the top . After that put some blush on your lip marks. Now flip it the way the needles are and put the other lip gloss over all the needles and put blush on it. Than put it in a safe place if it's not safe it might get fanged and so does your chances so make sure u hide it good luck to you

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