Hair Color Spell

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 3 orange or red candles
  • Hand mirror or free standing mirror
  • An altar (optional)
  • An imagination

This is a spell to make your hair color change by using the ingredients stated and putting the color you have and the color you want in the blanks. (i got this from a website so i think it'll work since this website seems quite proffesional)

Casting Instructions for 'Hair Color Spell'

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On a Friday during the 'waxing moon',go to a place where you can be alone for at least 15 minutes.Light your 3 candles and place them in a triangle on a flat surface, (preferably on an altar but optional).Visualize the color of your hair fading and becoming white as the color drains from it. 'Hold' the color within your hands.Slowly lower down your hands above the candles and focus on the flames.Raise your hands above your head and imagine the colour you desire pouring into your hair and turning into that colour.

After all of this say the following:
Fire warm and Fire red
Charm the hair upon my head
Fire dance and Fire shine
From ___ to ____ ,this wish is mine.
As i will ,it now shall be
By Fire,Water,Wind and Tree.

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