~(o)~Black Love Spell For Teens~(o)~

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ~(o)~
  • 2 items physically close to the person.
  • 1 or more item emotionally close to the person, Something that is special to them.
  • 3 Red Candles.
  • 1 Red bad (Optional)

(o)~To make someone fall helplessly in love with you. (An actual working spell, I know this website doesn't show the most accurate stuff). Look for this symbol for accurate spells ~(o)~

Casting Instructions for '~(o)~Black Love Spell For Teens~(o)~'

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Set the three candles down alligned in front of you. Light all of the candles from the middle one and outward from left to right. Move the objects one by one in a circular motion around each of the flames, from left to right. Have the motion of the object depend on the speed of the person your attracting. Example: If you want the relationship to start slow and speed up later, Start motioning around the flame with the object slowly then speed up. Do not burn the object. And send your energy of *Want* and *Love* out your hand and fingers. And visualize the person or think of the person. Then Recite this while motioning the objects: "I summon thee, element of fire,
through passion and love I now invoke,
the wall beyond free will shall now break,
as I cast this upon his/her body, mind, and heart,
So Mote It Be!"

Once done with the spell, it's not done. Return one of the physically close to items to that person, but keep the Emotionally and one of the physcially close to items with you. Put them in a safe place, A Red bag, or carry them around with you. To stop the spell, smash or crash, burn, or destroy the emotionally close to item in a way. Do not leave it in good shape at all.

~(o)~ This spell was made by Steven Liedel, Message me if you have any questions or thoughts. :)


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