Look like Desired Self

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a white candle
  • a mirror
  • a picture or drawing or who or what you want to look like (if you can imagine them in your mind it is fine but if not it is best to have some kind of picture)
  • a bowl of water and a soft small cloth
  • another small soft cloth or a towel

This spell is to help you look like your desired self, whether it be someone or something you wish to resemble or how you imagine yourself looking. I have asked Aphrodites to assist me while writing this spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Look like Desired Self'

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First, light a white candle. Please leave candle burning as you proceed with your spell.
Now, place a picture of who or what you wish to resemble in the corner of a mirror. (if necessary.It is not mandatory but recommended) Look at the photo you have placed there and then look back at yourself. Now chant as you look at yourself,
" I do not like what I see,
help me to look like who (or what) I wish to resemble,
and be the person I want to be."
Say this at least four times. After chanting this, take the small cloth and dip it in the bowl of water and dab your face. This is to symbolize you washing away your old self and becoming your new desired self.
Now leave the candle burning to symbolize your old self melting away as you become like your new desired self.
Thank whatever god(s)/goddess(es) or whatever kind spirits that are willing to answer you and help you on your journey. If you don't believe in that kind of stuff, it is fine; you can skip this last step.

This article was contributed by Vines

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