To Bring a New Lover into Your Life

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 piece of paper (any kind)
  • A pen or pencil
  • Lighter or matches
  • A cauldron to burn things in (Totally optional, you can use anything if you haven't got one or you could just go somewhere safe to burn things)

This is my first spell. I created it because I wanted to create something simple yet (hopefully) effective so here goes: This spell is to attract a new lover (not a specific person) into your life regardless of sexual orientation, age, etc. It's basically for everyone. Goo.

Casting Instructions for 'To Bring a New Lover into Your Life'

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First, Draw yourself and the person you'd like to come into your life holding hands. Be sure to draw this person as you'd like them to be. Somethings to consider when drawing this person are height, hair, clothes, etc.

Secondly, Write down some characteristics that you'd like that person to have next to the drawing of them you made. Be sure to be specific, how do they act? Are they funny? Are they kind? Loving? Healthy? You could add that they'll love you always, just something along this lines.

Thirdly, Above the drawings you have made, write this incantation:
"With this love that I create, I bring forth a new mate. Let him/her see the best in me, please bring my love back to me and so it is done, for I will be won, so I decree, so mote it be." Honestly, you could change it if you'd like though. Now fold the paper towards you and burn it. Once you have done that throw the ashes to the wind. Good luck.

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