Innocent Attraction

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
32% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red/pink (pen/colored pencil/marker/crayon)
  • Full moon (optional)
  • Paper (About a fourth of the page)
  • Voice
  • Night/Bedtime

I'm the same person as Starrdusty, so don't say I copied this.Love is usually the most popular spells, even if Im not that interested. This will make whoever you love to feel the same way about you. Use wisely.

Casting Instructions for 'Innocent Attraction'

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***Step 1*** Write down your crush's full name in the red/pink writing utensil, then draw a heart around it. Under the heart, write "will fall in love with (your name here)". Draw more hearts around your names.

***Step 2*** Fold the paper three times, and hold it to your chest, thinking about the person you're in love with. Visualize them clearly.
***Step 3(optional)*** You don't have to do this, but it will strengthen the spell. Hold the paper in the moonlight, thinking about him/her.

***Step 4*** Kiss the paper, and hold it so it barely brushes your lips. Close your eyes and sing this: "Let my love fall for me.Let he/she want to be with me. We will love each other for eternity. This is my will so mote it be."

***Step 5*** Thank the goddess of love,then put the paper underneath your pillow as you go to sleep.

***NOTE*** Yes, you have to memorize the song. You can do steps 3-5 every night for a week and it will more likely happen, but you can also just keep the paper underneath your pillow until it happens, while falling asleep thinking about your crush. Make sure to thank the goddess every night.

TESTIMONY: My bff tried this, and it worked in about two weeks time. Message me if it also works for you, so there will be more testimonys.
If you have any questions, message me. If you want to request a spell, or if you want me to cast a spell for you, also just message me.


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