Dream of Me Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Visualization
  • Picture of the person clear in your mind

This spell would make that person have a dream exactly what you think. It's usually for girls but guys can use it too. It can be a love spell too if you make that person dream of something romantic.

Casting Instructions for 'Dream of Me Spell'

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Get a picture of him in your mind and think of only him as hard as you can. Once you feel like the thought of him could make you smile from ear to ear or you have butterflies in your stomach, then in someway your mind is connected to his.
Then picture a scenario. It could be literally anything.
For example- you guys are in the room alone , having a nice laugh and slowly he is leaning in to kiss you or even a hug.
Then once you're done with your picture say this chant-

" In your mind I have invaded, you have seen what I've pictured. You know how I feel and you know that you are the one in this picture. It may have been a dream but when you awaken, it will become real to me and you. ( full name of the person) I love you,you shall love me when you awaken from this replaying dream. I know I've invaded your dreamland but it's the best for us. So dream of me and when you awaken this picture will become real.

When you're done saying this chant , picture him one more time and fall asleep.
Signs that your spell is working : Being shy around you , frequently staring at you, talks to you more often.

Mail me of any other signs experienced by you and also let me know if the spell worked for you as well


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