To Heal a Rift

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A fresh apple
  • Knife Clean sheet of white paper Pen
  • 2 pins,
  • cocktail sticks or twigs

This spell is a Romany one which works on the principle of making two things one. The apple always has been a symbol for love, and pins area symbol of industriousness denoting the effort which must be put into the relationship.

Casting Instructions for 'To Heal a Rift'

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  • Cut the apple in half.
  • Tradition says it is helpful, but not vital, if theseeds stay whole. If they dont, reconciliation may simply be a little bit more difficult to bring about.
  • Write the womans full name on the paper.
  • Next to it, write the mans. Ensure that the space taken up by the names doesnt exceed the width of the halved apple.
  • Cut out the names. Place the paper with thenames between the two halves of the apple.
  • Visualize the marriage or relationship beinghealed.

  • Skewer the apple halves together, insertingthe pins or twigs diagonally from right to leftand then vice versa.
  • If you are healing your own relationship,send your love to the person concerned andask to receive their love in return
  • If it is for someone else then visualize thecouple surrounded by a pink cloud or aura ina loving embrace.

Divorce is disliked among the Romanies even today. When action is required to heal a seemingly irreparable rift, this spell can begin a process of reconciliation. To finish off the spell, Romanies use their campfire to bake the apple until it appears whole


This article was contributed by Angelina_20

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