Spell To Draw Good Energies To You

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 small magnet
  • 1 candle
  • A flame-proof dish
  • A small piece of paper and a pen

This could bring luck, new friends, positive attention, or just general happiness.

Casting Instructions for 'Spell To Draw Good Energies To You'

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Cast a circle and light the candle, focusing on your intentions. Sit in front of the candle for a moment and breathe deeply. Then write on the piece of paper what you want to happen; something like ?I wish to draw positive energy to me.? Wrap the paper around the magnet and push energy into both, imagining it glowing with positive, bright light. Chant the following incantation:
"This magnet will attract and draw good energy to me.
Good things will come my way and I?ll accept them happily."
Visualize good things coming your way, imagining the feeling as clearly as you can. Then unwrap the paper from around the magnet and catch it on fire by the candle?s flame. Quickly put it in the flame-proof dish. Imagine the energy you put into the paper being released into the world to do its work. End your rite and close your circle. Carry the magnet with you to draw good energy.

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