~Friendship Of Sprites~

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Voice
  • -Dandelions
  • -Big grass area
  • -Quiet place
  • -Silent time
  • -Any element you want for the Sprite.
  • -Pink flower: Loving peaceful sprite.
  • Red flower: Evil malicious Sprite.
  • Pink flower: Peaceful loving Sprite.
  • Purple flower: Mischevious trickery Sprite.
  • I would recommend getting a mixed colored flower so that you'll get a suprised Sprite with different personalities.

This is a spell to have Sprites help you in anything your in need of and they can help watch and protect you. You can see them in some times but not all the time they may appear in different forms you can choose what kind of Sprite you want but if don't they'll become into anything they want.

Casting Instructions for '~Friendship Of Sprites~'

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Sit quietly in the grassy area with dandelions in your hand but you have to be alone.

Sit still with NO NOISE at all for two minutes then grab your element you chose place infront of you then close your eyes and imagine what your Sprite looks like from head to toe.

THE GENDER CAN ONLY BE FEMALE!!! I have no idea why but I heard the male Sprite's will die faster female Sprite's last for years and years.

Now whisper: Sprite beings please come to me the image in my head form for me watch over me protect me guard me become my guardian Sprite for me hear my voice we will be friends you'll see.

Then burn the flower you picked and the dandelions then mix the ashes together and blow it into the air.

Your sprite should appear soon after.

My sprite looks like a dandelion with dragonfly wings so you might be happy with how yours turned out I know I am!!!

~Blessed Be~ )O(

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