Love Energy Potion

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 rose
  • 1 crystal/quarts that has never had negative energy in it
  • 2 glasses filled halfway with water
  • moderate ability in energy manipulation
  • firm will for______ to love you
  • red candle (optional)

This spell has sexual content. If you find this content offensive leave this spell. I take no reasponsibility for anything that happens because of this spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Love Energy Potion'

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Light candle if you have one. be touching the crystal/quarts (you can lie down on it) and preform any sexual act. Transfer the positive energy of the orgasim into the rock. Now take the 1st water glass in your hands and think about your love (an image,why you love him/her, think about the two of you having sex ect.) anr transfer these energys into the water. Do the same thing to the 2nd glass. Now pour all the water over the petals of the rose. Then pull off the 1st petal say:

_______ notices me pull 2nd petal say,_______is friends with me 3rd petal,_______ likes me 4th,_______ loves me.

Drop all petals and the crystal/quarts in the remaining glass with water. Set glass in sunlight for 10 min. While its in the sun watch porn or if you cant think positively about your beloved. After 10 min. drink the potion and bury the rosepetals and keep the crystal/quarts in a safe place. (Like a jewlery box)

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