Arrow love spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • follow ritual below

this spell was taken from
The Encyclopedia of 5000 spells by Judika Illes

Casting Instructions for 'Arrow love spell'

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This is a spell intended to arouse passionate love from a woman. It is adapted from the great scholar of magick and spiritualty, Idres Shah, who is in his turn adapted it from the ancient sanskrit magickal text, the Atharva Veda. Kama, Hindu Lord Of Love, weilds a bow and arrows, just like his european counterparts Eros, Amor, and Cupid. The spirits referred to in the incantation, Mitra and Varuna, are legendary soul mates, each other's perfect compliment.

1. craft a ritual arrow, accompanied by the following incantation. The incantation, reminescent of Aretha Franklin's song "Dr. Feelgood" is chanted repeatedly while the arrow is made.
2. Insert the target of the spell's name into the chant, personalize it as you desire

(below is the incantation)
With this-all powerful Arrow of Love, I pierce your heart
Love, love that causes unease, love overcomes you, love for me!
This arrow, flying straight and true
strikes you with burning desire for me and me alone
My love is its point
My determination to possess you is its shaft
Your heart is pierced!
The arrow has struck home
This arrow overcomes your reluctance
You love me now!
Come to me lover!
Submissive, without pride as i have no pride
But only longing for you
Your mother can't stop you from coming to me
Your Father can't stop you from coming to me
your sister can't stop you from coming to me
your brother can't stop you from coming to me
your friends can't stop you from coming to me
You are completely in my power!
Oh Mitra! Oh Varuna!
Strip (name), daughter of (name) of resistance
Only I have the power over the heart, soul and mind of (name), daughter of (name) my beloved.

3. Once the arrow has been crafted, the maker holds it and gestures with it, setting up the magickal vibrations, all the while continuing the chant.
4. Repeat from step 3 as needed.

Blessed be,
Harleen Rose


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