How to See Auras

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This lets you see auras, the color surrounding a body.

Casting Instructions for 'How to See Auras'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Use something white as a background. You can use a piece of paper though. Hold your finger up to the item you chose and stare at your finger nail. it may take a minute though. The more you practice looking at auras the less time it will take.

After looking at your finger nail you should she color(s) surrounding your finger. These color(s) all have a meaning. Everything has an aura including fruit. 


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How can I tell if it’s workinng? I can see slightly see the colors but it’s not nearly as bright as I’ve seen it be before

Jun 06, 2019
have you seen it? if yes then msg me on instagram @aditya_nagose29

Jul 03, 2019
you have? when i see it some times it fluctuates too much so its hard to see.

Jul 20, 2021
You need to concentrate, it actually worked for me. And it seems my aura has darl blue color.

I tried this and I saw a mix of black and gold. What doest that mean?

Nov 01, 2019
Black pertains to pulling, capturing and transforming energy. Indicates an unforgiving nature to self and/or others, past life problems, unreleased anger, grief or health problems. While gold means divine protection and enlightenment. If you have this aura you are encased in divine guidance and have wisdom, inner peace, intuition and spiritual thinking.

I did this and i saw teal green and red. What does this mean?

Dec 24, 2019
It means you can see aura ;)

Aug 23, 2021
Red symbolizes a brave individual who can overcome tough situations. People with a red aura tend to push for a positive change in the world and want to make a difference. Red auras can sometimes explode when they are stressed, and can often come off as short-tempered. Whereas, for teal, they are quite shy, and are very accepting of other people. But, teals can sometimes be apprehensive, and uneasy. People with a teal aura are mainly well-intentioned, yet also reserved and shy. Hope this answered your question. (Not sure if this is completely correct, but I did quite a bit of research.)

I allways could see auras and when I did this nothing changed I still could see my auras and others (that have awaken their aura)

What does pale blue and gold mean?

Mar 30, 2020
I went on psychic library and found the colors closest to what I saw and apparently I'm a compassionate healer with divine guidance. Seems legit

I see a light blue surrounding my hand but how do i know if its my aura or just my eyes messing with me because ive been staring for too long? if that makes sense

Apr 22, 2021
Let me give you 1 more option to confuse on. Imagination.Jk😂 It could be you aura.

I honestly couldn’t see anything atleast i don’t think although, my finger began to look like tv static

hmm I see a blurry white/gray

Whats purple mean

Sep 12, 2020

i see white, faintly glowed, when I closed my eyes I could see an outline of my hand.

Aug 04, 2020
also what does white mean?

Aug 04, 2020
First stage of seeing auras is usually a white outline, so it's your aura you're seeing. People tend to put a lot of emphasis on the colour but it isn't that important as the colour can and does change depending on a variety of factors.

Yeah its working but why there is no any color its show me white color can u say me why is that ???

Ye sarre milke hamko pagal bana rhe he mc ke bachhe

Jul 20, 2021
no, it works, use a piece of white paper and hold it and just keep concentrating and watch outlines of your hand and fingers.

what if i see a variety of colors?

Dec 11, 2020
You must have many different auras

I keep seeing this gray cloud cover my eyes, is that supposed to happen?

I think the aura of plants is just a white outline as they do not have ego or personality

I have a white and Lavender aura which means Lavender: I love fantasy and would rather be in fantasy that look at the real world White: I will have no problems in health and relationships. I am a rare individual anfd there are a limited amout of white auras in the world.

Auras can be seen however you would need a lot of time and effort to make this your own

I have a white base with a very light shaded grey extruding from it

And turns out, my fan has an aura too, metallic grey, not silver, not shiny to be silver

Jan 02, 2021
I've never seen one off my electronics, but if you get proficient at it, people claim to see the auras of plants and crystals. Anything with spiritual energy [and I assume electronic energy by your discovery] has an aura.

I’m a baby witch ig you could say, and how do you know what each aura means?

Jan 02, 2021
Google ''magickal colour correspondences'' you should find a chart explaining the spiritual/magickal meaning behind each colour. If you manage to see the auras shape, i don't know if there's a guide to that, but when an aura is faint, the person is usually ill [physically, mentally or spiritually] if it's close to their body, they're nervous [same if it looks spikey] our aura changes shape and colour depending on our mood and energy. At first, you might just see a white outline, so don't worry too much on colour right now. Good luck to you ^_^


May 25, 2021

May 25, 2021
All caps is against site rules, please turn them off or your account could get gagged for rule violation. Your aura changes depending on a number of factors. It might be blue today, but it might be red tomorrow because you're angry, or full of grey blotches because it needs a cleanse. The shape and distance from your physical are also factors to your overall health and wellbeing. As for your ''I'm really powerful'' comment, you might be naturally gifted in a certain aspect of magick [say energy work] but if you don't work on that skills, it won't matter. Study and practice and see for yourself what you're talented with.

sorry about the caps. but i've checked my aura every day for a week and its always been Light Blue.

May 27, 2021
does anyone know how to summon zeus without magical tools? please answer.

May 27, 2021
I assume you check by calming yourself beforehand? If you do so the same way, it would return your aura to a calm state [light blue] as for summoning Zeus, couple of things. 1. you don't ''summon'' deities in the same way you would summon a spirit, they're Gods and demand a little more respect. You call them into your space [cast a circle or create sacred space, say a blessing to them, leave an offering, thank them for being with you] 2. research Zeus and the Greek pantheon. You should figure out who he is, what he likes/dislikes and how people work with him. 3. You don't need tools to work with a deity. [if you pray to them then sit quietly either meditating or doing something mindfully, they can contact you, you don't need a candle or statue, or anything] While I'm not a fan of Greek mythology [especially Zeus] research him and try to live in a way that he would approve of [maybe not EXACTLY like him, seriously cherry-pick his qualities, but things like acting honourably, writing poetry, thanking him for your blessings and good fortune] Start by Googling his mythology, then ''how to worship Zeus'' then start worshipping him and keep an eye out for any signs he will/won't work with you. If he says no [or you get no response after a month] thank him and move on for now and come back later.

Jul 20, 2021
Lol, my guy, you cannot summon gods on a whim, you can invoke them but you can't order them around, they are called gods for a reason.

I'm not sure if I did this right, but I saw a pale blue. But, it wasn't fully visible, only partially.

hello Im new and I saw a silvery and orangish color what does this mean?

so this might seem weird but i saw my aura as a light blue in my dream and when i checked it was a light blue and purple and a little white. Then the paper started moving and there was no wind or air.

i remember first seeing my aura and i saw a marco the pheonix like color combination of light blue and yellow

I seen white and ice blue what does that mean?

I did it again and it just kept changing colors

Mar 19, 2024
Auras are fluid and constantly change as they are an energy and reflection of our mood, so this sounds about right.

Mar 20, 2024
I've answered this a few times [my above comments might be useful, not too sure] As Prismlight said, your aura is your personal energy field. The shape, colour, thickness and distance from your body fluctuate depending on personal factors. If we go with traditional colour correspondences, your aura would be bright yellow when you're happy, light blue when you're calm, red when you're upset and so on [of course this is ''traditional'' so if your favourite colour isn't yellow, your aura might be that colour when you're happy, if you hate a certain colour, your aura might be that when you're upset] when you feel threatened, your aura will be closer and might look like spikes because you're defending yourself. When you're with friends, your aura might be a big bubble with little defence because you feel safe. If you're sick, it might be close to you and weak because your body is sick, so it's using its energy to protect you. As for seeing auras, the first stage is to see either a white line or haze around a person slightly above their body [personally, I see a haze like when you look at an optical illusion. It's this fuzzy glow just above someone] You can practice on the bus or in class [you should pay attention in class, but you can practice there too] I've found the head and shoulders are the easiest to see auras. Look at someone's shoulder/head who is 1-2 rows in front of you. Try not to look at their shoulder, but just past it, and you should begin to see the energy surrounding their body. The longer you watch, you should see layers [shape/colour]

Mine is Yellow and Purple what does that mean?

I have seen auras due to practice in meditation and reiki but you should practice regularly until you achieve it.

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