Summoning a Sexual Spirit

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The ability to call upon the presence of sexual spirits, more commonly known as succubus/incubus.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • writing paper (as much as you need)
  • a symbol of lust
  • sound of sexual activity (not compulsory)
  • A sexually stimulated mind

Casting Instructions for 'Summoning a Sexual Spirit'

A little background before we begin the instructions, I come from a very occult heavy family, and both my mothers are senior witches of the sisterhood I belong in. I learned these arts from a young age and it is still not as easy as some people will make it to be. This spell will NOT work for everybody, IT IS NOT a 100% spell, and it WILL take some effort to perform it properly.

This spell will work for both males and females, however I only know of 2 instances where it worked for males. This guide will be more female centric, and many of the steps will show use of the female sexual organs. First of all, this spell is best done in a wide space, give at least 4-5 times your body size for movement, and there is no preference to the timing, brightness, or amount of people in the space. You can perform it in public at 2 in the afternoon, if you are not afraid of nudity laws. Get ready your writing paper in front of you, and turn on the sexual sounds at the very beginning of the spell, this is to let the environment be filled with sexual energy.

First step is to focus your mind on sexual thoughts, do this is a position most comfortable to you, fill your mind with sexual thoughts and let the desires and fantasies fill you with lust. When you are aroused enough to contemplate masturbation, begin writing on the piece of paper, write the most sexual thing you can think of, a word like fuck or orgasm, or even an erotic sentence. After you are done writing, roll it up and insert it into your vagina. If you are male, the 2 instances that worked was
1) the man inserted the paper into his anus
2) the man held it around his penis
the paper should preferably be small, as we want you the spell caster to be in a comfortable state.

Now, that the symbol,token of lust, it can be a vibrator, a dildo, or even a picture of a person you really want to fuck, and slowly cover it with sexual fluids (pre-cum) or if you have not secreted any fluids , you can lick it and cover it in saliva (though this has a lower success rate). Take this token and throw it as far away as you can, and say ''I need not these earthly pleasures, sate my lust ,my lust sated, my lust be sated''. At this point, the paper that is inside you should feel very warm, or even hot, if you fell nothing then it is either a fail or you have a numb pussy. You will feel very aroused and have the temptation to pleasure yourself, it is important to NOT MASTURBATE at this point. You should not have ejaculated at any point during these phases, as we want to build sexual tension.

It is at this phase that is most difficult for most, with the sexual tension building within you, it is difficult to resist touching yourself, most of my fellow sisters and brothers fail at this part and even with months of training will succumb and pleasure themselves. It is important to keep sexual tension high, as now we begin the actual part of the summoning. You must plead, nicely, and genuinely for the sexual spirits to come. Call with your lustful voice, call for the Mother Lilith for help, it is best if you can say Lilith's Charm,

Hail Lilith full of Lust,
The lord be with you,
Lustful are you amongst women,
and lustful is the fruit of thine womb, lilim
Beautiful Lilith mother of Lilim,
Grant to us now
the fruits of your Children.

This is a perversion of the Catholic Hail Mary, and it is not necessary but its use has shown higher chance of success. After persistent calling, you should be able to reach a point where you will stick out your tongue (it should naturally happen), and when leaving your lips will be filled with the sweetest taste you have ever experienced. And at this point, you should have summoned the sexual spirit. The results are different from person to person, most of the time there is no physical form to the spirit, but the effects are miraculous. There was once, one of my sisters manage to summon the spirit and in an instant began to orgasm for almost 3 minutes, cleaning the floors was a pain afterwards though. A personal experience is that I began to feel something wiggling in my private parts, and suddenly a burst of pleasure erupted from my toes to the end of my hair, I could see the spirit's form at that time, a beautiful delicate face, spitting honey onto my tongue as I writhe in pleasure.

This spell can be dangerous, some have even receive serious injuries and end up with permanent ailments. I would advise to not take this ritual lightly and be careful when dabbling in the dark arts. As a motivator, if you fail once, don't be afraid to try again, sometimes persistence may be key to your success. Even I didn't get it the first time. I wish you all the luck in your endeavours. Zara Lilith Ehlueh Tuk.

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Hi, I don't really have any spell experience, but how do I know this can work?

Apr 15, 2019
Sanada said it may not work for others. And if your one of the ones it works for you have to fully believe and have faith in the spell as all spells will work if they are actual spells that dont involve in fantasy like stuff like becoming a werewolf or vampire. Will work if you fully believe in it it and actually believe in it.

Hi. I'm Rebecca. I tried this twice and it worked the second time. I had never done anything dirty like that with anyone and I wanted to know what all the hubba bubba was about when it came to things like sex, so I decided that I wanted to try it, but not with a person. Omg. It was amazing. I felt things and it was great. This spell/ritual works 100%.

Jan 29, 2022
Hi Send me a message

Mar 15, 2022
Hi was wondering what exactly is that you did, I tried this twice and I only felt a little sadly. I understand the risk, I live by myself please

Mar 10, 2023
hi can you tutor me about spells im 14 please help me learn how to do spells im just started.I wanted to look on advanced spells so i can find people that can help me with magick so please tutor me!

Mar 10, 2023
If you want a specific member to teach you, clicking on their username and mailing them directly is the best option. However, beccabugg was last online July 26, 2021, so the odds of her teaching you are pretty slim. [I also think she might have been gagged, so if she came back it would be under a different username] If you wish to learn about a subject, you can mail a specific person [being respectful if their profile says ''don't mail me about X topic''] you can join a coven that teaches what you're interested in, or you can ask in either the chat or the site forums for help. [and commenting on spells and articles does help, but for a quicker response, those options are best]

Mar 10, 2023
@ Dazai [nice Bungou Stray Dog Reference, I hope it's because that character's amazing and isn't because you relate to the character] Welcome to SoM and good luck on your journey. As boring as this sounds, you need to master the basics before jumping into advanced spells. [I get the logic ''advance spell must have adept members'' but there are a lot of newbies in advanced spells because they want to try them] I suggest getting a good beginners guide and studying that before jumping into spell casting. If you can't get a book for whatever reason, HearthWitch has a YouTube channel and she's got an entire beginner's guide playlist you can watch. On the site, there is plenty of information pinned in the site forums and promoted in the articles section to check out. [I'd add more information, but I don't like these spell posts being too long] While I don't teach, you can ask me for references and clarification on stuff which might be confusing you [trust me, I know how overwhelming this can be. Witchcraft is a craft and no 1 way is correct so you're pulled in 8 different directions until you find your footing]

Mar 11, 2023
thank you Nekoshema for helping me with that message i never thought somebody would respond to my message and also i dont relate to dazai completely i just used him cause he is a really cool character :D

What are the side effects?

Nov 16, 2019
Are you okay now? Please reply if you and your family are safe.

Mar 05, 2020
Are you ok?

Jul 12, 2020
I'm fine now. My family is also fine now I had to use multiple different cleansing spells and banishing spells and a couple other spells and a butt load of salt all over the house everywhere was salted and purified. Also the sexual entity loves virgins. Like I was at the time.

Is there any way to reverse this spell or to make it void? This spell does work and I would advise against using it. The consequences to this spell are extremely dangerous. Please take caution.

Aug 05, 2019
I know it works and I need help getting rid of the sexual demon/spirit. It is hurting my 2 year old neice. Please help me!

Feb 16, 2021
Banish it and cleanse the house. Protect the house as well and maybe give your niece an enchanted jewel meant to protect her. A shielding spell for the house.

I kinda want to try this

Jul 12, 2020
No you do not want to try this it is far too dangerous.

Jul 12, 2020
There is a high risk of death with this spell and it will effect others in the home. There will be a lot of pain and anger and hate towards one another.

I really want to try this, but i'm afraid of attracting a negative spirit like some of the others have commented... what do i do?

Jul 12, 2020
Use protection charms and use a lot of salt everywhere the whole house.

What happens if someone is a demon and uses this spell?

Mar 05, 2020
Since everyone is human, it's not an issue.

Mar 06, 2020
It's just a what if question. Just should the after effects be worse, the same, or not that bad.

Mar 06, 2020
NordicOpal made a neutral statement. Everyone is human, so nothing would happen. It wouldn't be better or worse since we're all human and therefore no demon would cast this spell. It's a non-issue and you don't need to worry about it.

Jun 15, 2021
Well, I'm not a demon so I can just speculate. It'll probably be easier to contact this spirit. Though it'll probably be same for humans

Really curious about this Anyone try it?

May 29, 2020
I did. Maybe its not work

Jul 12, 2020
Did anyone read my comments cuz apparently no one did do not try this fell if you do well that's your own consequences and if you get hurt that's on you.

What is token? Is it coin or something else?

Jul 12, 2020
This spell is very intense and you don't know what type of sex spirit you'd get. I'm sure mine was a sex demon. The sex was very hardcore. Please be careful when using this you may get hurt. Also you will have to use another spell to get the sexual entity to leave. They don't take kindly to you wanting them to leave. If you have any children or kids please don't use this. They will get hurt by this entity. If you do this spell be careful. Use at your own risk. A token can be a ring that is very dear to you or a necklace or anything small that means something to you of power. I have a Wiccan amulet that is used to speak to animals and that I used a lot for different spells. again I cannot tell you enough to be careful with this bill because if it does work for you it can be quite dangerous I should know.

This spell is not for beginners it's for advanced only

Jan 17, 2022
Only if you can teach me I will be grateful

and when I have one incubus how to get rid ?

Tried this one..beyond getting super horny at the phase of calling that lilith's charm..15 minutes of it..nothing and finally gave up to urge..hmm gotta try it again

Mar 16, 2022
Did it work

It doesn't work for me, I've tried everything

Can someone tell me what non compulsory means

Apr 17, 2022
It is not mandatory.


can anyone plz explain what the males experienced in terms of the spirit and the sex and how they appeared

Beccabugg is the sex demon is a succubus/a female sex spirit if there is a way, you can send the succubus to me

Feb 18, 2023
setting aside you wanting someone to send you a being to be your personal servant [you shouldn't use anyone. Even if they're not human, spiritual beings shouldn't be treated like objects] Sexual demons feed off the energy produced in the act. They can drain your life and eventually kill you if you don't know how to work with them [meaning summon, make contracts, repel, banish, protect] so just asking someone to send over their old demon without any further knowledge is a sure fire way to get yourself hurt.

If you are considering this spell, don’t. Sexual spirits are of demonic energy and will not leave you alone. Summons are not a good idea unless you have a stable back up plan. Basically a lot of salt as it traps energies.

If you are considering this spell, don’t. Sexual spirits are of demonic energy and will not leave you alone. Summons are not a good idea unless you have a stable back up plan. Basically a lot of salt as it traps energies.

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