Your Goddess/God Wishes

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You will have the immortality and the abilities of a god/goddess
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 black candle: if you want Hades's powers
  • 1 red/pink candle: if you want Aphrodite's powers
  • 1 blue candle: if you want Athena's powers
  • 1 green candle: if you want Poseidon's powers
  • 1 orange candle: if you want Artemis's powers
  • 1 yellow candle: if you want Apollo's powers
  • 1 green/yellow candle: if you want Persephone's powers

Casting Instructions for 'Your Goddess/God Wishes'

Go into your backyard or a forest or something (just something with lots of nature surrounding you) then sit down. Make a circle around you whilst sitting criss-crossed then say this once:

"O Gods and Goddesses, this is my plea place your power before me!" (then light your chosen candle on a leaf or something making sure the candle does not tip) "O King of the gods, Zeus, I  ask you to grant me my wish. Put me in contact with the goddess I must be swish. O (say your god/goddess's name) give me the power of your that is almighty. For the power of you is my wish to see, so mote it be".

Then meditate for like 3 minutes and within 2 days you will get your wish.

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does this work?

Jul 09, 2019

Yes it works.

Jul 23, 2019
So you are immortal now?

Aug 08, 2019
I casted this spells and now, I feel a presence not a normal one but one that is offering me something. But to be a god isn't through spells magic is done by pain and pain is what will let a person be who they want to be no matter the consequence and yes I have done my research and only the hurted ones of being hurt over and over again have that power if you know what I mean 👋🏽

Aug 08, 2019
You may call on a deity and they may come to see you, but you cannot become immortal.

Will not work!

Are spells real

Dec 14, 2019
Yes spells are real, though not all on this site are and it is important to have a good understanding of what magick is and how you can manifest it before undertaking spellwork.

Dec 14, 2019
spells are basically ritualized prayers. they work, however, they aren't like in movies. they require magick energy which is a natural force that doesn't contradict nature. if a spell goes against nature, it doesn't work.

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