Your Goddess/God Wishes


1 black candle: if you want Hades's powers
1 red/pink candle: if you want Aphrodite's powers
1 blue candle: if you want Athena's powers
1 green candle: if you want Poseidon's powers
1 orange candle: if you want Artemis's powers
1 yellow candle: if you want Apollo's powers
1 green/yellow candle: if you want Persephone's powers


You will have the immortality and the abilities of a god/goddess

Spell Casting

Go into your backyard or a forest or something (just something with lots of nature surrounding you) then sit down. Make a circle around you whilst sitting criss-crossed then say this once:

"O Gods and Goddesses, this is my plea place your power before me!" (then light your chosen candle on a leaf or something making sure the candle does not tip) "O King of the gods, Zeus, I  ask you to grant me my wish. Put me in contact with the goddess I must be swish. O (say your god/goddess's name) give me the power of your that is almighty. For the power of you is my wish to see, so mote it be".

Then meditate for like 3 minutes and within 2 days you will get your wish.
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