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This isn't really a spell but I've sensed words to use when focusing on the chakras and already known chakras the higher dimensional(3 to 5th dimensional) Chakras are listed here Remember the dimensions above us vibrate on a higher frequency so the higher vibrating words could have more potency than the 3rd dimensional ones we are used to Inform me of any side effects of chanting these Enjoy the list.

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You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:

Lam Red Root Chakra,
Yam Orange Polarity Chakra,
Ram Yellow Solar plexus Chakra,
Harrum green Heart Chakra,
Ham Blue throat Chakra,
Om Indigo Third eye Chakra,
Aum Violet crown Chakra,

4th dimensional chakra set:
Rum Seafoam Green Will Chakra,
Toum(pronounced tome) Blue-Green Charisma Chakra,
Kaaum Pearlescen Purity Chakra,
Truum Pink Orange Clarity Chakra,
Kareem Shimmiering Gold Light Chakra,
Traio Violet Pink Freedom Chakra,
Beruum Deep Blue Violet Decision Chakra,
Traikuum Light Golden White Divinity Chakra,

5th Dimensional Chakra Set:
Efai Light Violet White Senses Chakra,
Eereta Multi-White Division Chakra,
Eruum Pink Gold Love Chakra,
Berduum Magenta Security Chakra,
Karsuum Violet Gold Duty Chakra,
Traikuum Blue Gold Serenity Chakra,
Deduumium Platinum DIVINITY Chakra,


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As said, this is not a spell, just a list of Chakras without any real information on how to utilize it.

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