Create Your Own Angel

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How to create an angel which will help and guide you.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 candle (pink, white or yellow)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • A bowl of water

Casting Instructions for 'Create Your Own Angel'

Sit in a quiet room and relax. To make an angelic environment you can light you candle. Add a sniff of salt and olive oil to the bowl of water and stir, you can speak to empower your environment and energy. Add a drop of this mixture on top of the candle, be careful not to extinguish the fire.

While sitting, absorb the feeling of love energy all around and inside of you. Visualize this love coming out of you forming an divine being. While you are adding details to this visualization, you can "program" (giving it an purpose to) this being (example to protect you). When you feel you are ready you have to take a big breath which is the first breath of born. Now you've created your own angel, you can now communicate with it and give it commands.

About the Angel: You've made an divine angel, divine angels will only act in command you give them with love. 


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Last edited on Mar 17, 2018
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What?s a sniff

May 05, 2019
it's probably a type, they probably mean pinch.

you cannot create an angel, you could make a thought form, but it wouldn't be a real angel.

Can I use this spell on another person. My boyfriend is also wiccan, but he can be careless with this stuff, so I want to put an angel to protect him

May 06, 2019
you can call on an angel to protect him, you can ask anything to bless him, you can even make a protection charm, but you cannot create an angel. at best you can pool your energy into a thought form to complete a task [like protect your boyfriend] but once you stop feeding it energy, it will disappear [not instantly, it will just wear off]

May 06, 2019
Ok thx for the help @nekoshema

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