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Name: CallumPluto
Birthday: Jul 28
Location: The Mystical Land Of The North
Last Seen: Sun, 26 May 2019
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Hullo and merry meet. I am Callum and I go by they/them. I am a pagan witch and I am studying Celtic magick. I am newer in magick and starting to get the hang of tarot card reading and have done successful readings on friends and family. I have no familiar at the moment but i am looking forward to finding one. My spirit guide or spirit animal if you may is a red tailed hawk, I will not be sharing her name. I enjoy doing bath meditation and cord magick along with the occasional animal protection. Animal protection as in when an animal is dying of some importance to me and I ask the gods to save them. Usually though the spell only keeps them alive for another 2 weeks so I?m tweaking the spell to make it stronger. I own 2 cats, a bengal kitten and an tuxedo, both female. I have just joined a coven and I am thrilled to learn more about magick from like minded people. I accept information such as, spells, rituals, chants, jewelry designs, and any information to guide me on my magick journey. Please contact me if you have any basic questions such as. What is the difference between white and black magick other wise known as left and right? Or What colors mean what? Inappropriate messages and pictures sent to me will not be tolerated and you will be blocked and reported immediately. I believe in the gods and goddesses of the sabbaths and the faeries of the gardens. I respect animals with all of my heart and would never bring harm to one. What I do is to protect, not endanger. Please spread this message, pagans are not evil, we are good and just want to live in harmony. Blessed be. What I study: Dowsing, Knot magick, Divination (Pendulum, Tea Leaves, And Clouds/Smoke), Scrying (Water in a bowl), Aura Reading, Knot Magick, Hexes, Geomancy, Mojo bags, Crystals, Tarot Cards, The Fae, Draconic magick, Gypsy magick and charms. Non magick interests: Drawing Water color painting Oil painting, Photography, Zoology, Digital art, Pokemon cards, Pressed penny collecting, Prehistoric Animals, Reading.