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Name: CallumPluto
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Location: The Mystical Land Of The North
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Hullo and merry meet. I am Callum and I go by they/them. I am a pagan witch and I am studying Celtic magick. I am newer in magick and starting to get the hang of tarot card reading and have done successful readings on friends and family. What I study: Dowsing, Knot magick, Divination (Pendulum, Tea Leaves, And Clouds/Smoke), Scrying (Water in a bowl), Aura Reading, Knot Magick, Hexes, Geomancy, Mojo bags, Crystals, Tarot Cards, The Fae, Draconic magick, Gypsy magick and charms. Non magick interests: Drawing Water color painting Oil painting, Photography, Zoology, Digital art, Pokemon cards, Pressed penny collecting, Prehistoric Animals, Reading. I upload spells on my other account Callum2866