Calling of Dark art Offense

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Spell that embues you with the power to harm you target by use of the black arts. Backfires includ draining of energys, loss of memory and a small chance of self binding your powers.

Casting Instructions for 'Calling of Dark art Offense'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:


Look opon you target. Imagine a demonic hand squeezing the air out of him/her.

 Allow the energys to run through your body and out of your hands
kali! Hera! Cronos! Tonic! Air as necter thick as onyx. Cassiel by your second star hold my victim as in tar I owe you pain!


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This is completely fake. To begin, there is no ''black arts'' in Real Magik. Magik is a neutral energy that brings change. The intention of the spell is set by the witch. No spell will be completely ''positive'' or ''negative'' because nothing by nature is completely ''positive'' or ''negative.'' Using colour to identify if a Magikal Craft is ''good'' or ''evil'' by calling it ''white'' or ''black'' is rooted in racism. Furthermore, calling on deities you do not work with is disrespectful and dangerous. You need to also consider the historical context of the deities, if they culturally got along, or if the deities are from open or closed practices. If you know nothing about them, they have no reason to help you. And saying ''I curse you'' once does nothing. Yes, it does mention focusing on your target being harmed, but that didn't charge much if any Magik to do anything. I also do not see this backfiring as you did not charge any energy to cause any ill effects to occur. If you do experience negative consequences after attempting, it is far more likely one of the deities you called on is teaching you a lesson for disrespecting them.

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