A Curse From Loki

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This curse was taken from Elizabeth Vongvisith's ''Trickster My Beloved.''

Casting Instructions for 'A Curse From Loki'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black Candles (Optional)
  • Jar (Optional)
  • Poppet (Optional)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black Candles (Optional)
  • Jar (Optional)
  • Poppet (Optional)

All ingredients are purely optional in the sense to aid you in your curse

"O my enemy,
who has striven
to defeat me,
who has betrayed me,
who has harmed me,
who has stolen
my peace of mind:

In the name of
the Lie-smith,
I reveal your falsehood.

May your words and oaths
be mistrusted and ignored.

In the name of
the Breaker-of-worlds,
I shatter your contentment.

May storms be stirred up
in the hearts of your household.

In the name of
Surts godson,
I burn down your house.

May fire feed its hunger
upon all your wealth.

In the name of
Lopt Sky-treader,
I call doom to you from above.

May that which you love best
be carried far from you.

In the name of
Baldrs murderer,
I wreak my revenge on you.

May you be fettered and bound,
abandoned by kith and kin.

For vengeances sake,
I bind the hand
that lifts against me,
and silence the voice
that raises against me
that I may rejoice
in the destruction
of you my enemy
with the aid and succor
of he who is called
Father of Strife.


Vongvisith, Elizabeth. Trickster My Beloved. Hubbardston: Asphodel, 2006. Print.


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wait do you even need to use something?

Nov 04, 2020
No. You can just say it. If you're going to use the stuff, then here's how I think it should be done- 1. Light the Candles 2. Put the candles in the jar 3. Put the poppet in the candle flames and let it burn 4. Say the chant

Just throwing this out there be careful stuff like this you could get bad luck instead of good luck

That and some of these spells are fake and not all of them are entirely correct and they end up causing a lot of people a lot of misfortune. That's why I say be careful

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