Becoming One with the Shadows

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This spell allows you to become and manipulate shadows to your will.

Casting Instructions for 'Becoming One with the Shadows'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Sit down in a quiet place and meditate for two minutes. Look at the shadows around you and imagine being a shadow yourself. You will feel a power on you, but don't get rid of it, it's the shadows trying to bind with you. Accept it. After five days you can have the shadows do anything you want, including teleportation.


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Last edited on Jun 21, 2017
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I am now a shadow weaver

Apr 04, 2019
This spell is fake.

I am one with shadow

May 01, 2019
You cannot become a shadow, nor can you manipulate it. If someone claims they work with shadows, or do shadow work, it means they work with their hidden self to embrace and heal past traumas. Look into Carl Jung and his work with The Shadow.

Takashi I may be new to this site but I know that if you believe enough it the spell will work so stop crushing people's dreams because you can't do it

Sep 13, 2019
Belief is important, and it does make a difference in spellwork and ritual. However, belief cannot change natural laws. We aren't able to become shadow, or control shadows in this way, regardless of how much we believe.

Sep 14, 2019
Sorry, but Tadashi is correct, shadows are just spots where light is blocked out. You can make shadow puppets with your hands, but that's about in when it comes to controlling shadows. You can use ''being one with shadows'' as a metaphor, but magick doesn't contradict nature on the physical plane, you are a physical person, you cannot actually become a shadow or control it through natural or magickal means on the physical

I mean Tadashi dumb auto correct

to control an element of this scale you would need to summon and contract with a spirit or diety of that element, but without that you can't do stuff like that.

its work tnx,this simmilar with exercises that darkness become one with us similar efect, hm there is even creature called Nox

This spell is fake it won't work if you want go ahead try it and see your results if it worked mail me

Honestly with the way you guys go after people who want to believe in the things they read. I've been hovering around this site roughly 3 years watching the contents grow and there's one thing eats at me when I reach comments... I get your trying to educate the ill informed. But why do you allow these critically acclaimed ''fake'' spells to even exist here? If you know it's fake then why do you keep them on the site. It would reduce the need for having to go through this on almost every comment section. Just saying. Don't shoot the messenger

Feb 26, 2022
everybody have its own choice, rights about writing their spell. but to be confused is why this spell have 5 star on it, while there is so many good long informative spell that not even rated or replied, even have no picture on it.

I would just like to say that this might affect your Astral Being, but not your Physical Being. And teleportation in the physicality isn't real. It never will be.

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