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9/10 times this will work. It is very easy and anyone can do it, but best of all, it's working.

Casting Instructions for 'Talk with Spirits'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Focus
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Focus

Note: Credits to Leap Year/Leap Day for making the spell. Not many people have seen this great guide, so I'm just putting this out there.

It can work anywhere, but to start of, try your house to see what spirits are wandering there.

1) You need to relax. Get into a comfortable position.

2) Meditate. This helps find voices in your head.

3) Open up your mind. Let spirits know you're there. For this, I like to imagine a text saying about me, such as, Hi! My name is Dawn. (Etc)

If you don't see/hear voices in your head, try again. They might just be shy, most ghosts are.

Don't forget to keep the conversation going! Ask them their gender, name, age, how they died, whatever you want!

Now you can talk to ghosts!

Tested: I have done this many places, and I have many friends to chat with. Arrow is a 10 year old who has a sister named Zero. They died in a burning building, and I love to chat with them.

Some people can see spirits. Good luck with that.


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Will this work?

Apr 16, 2019
I personally don't believe so

Apr 19, 2019
try it for yourself and see. don't give up after one or two attempts, it's like exercising, it takes a lot of practice before you see results. give it, say, one month, record everything you see/feel/hear after each attempt and if there is no change after 30 attempts [do it every day obviously] move on to a new one.

May 01, 2019
Worked for me after about 4 tries

It works for me but it could be in my head though...

This worked for me, a 12 year old girl Ali, started talking to me, she has a little sister called Ace and they died in a car accident.

Jun 19, 2020
thats creepy......IM TRYING THIS!

I have one question, how do you keep away bad spirits, you know the ones that want to take you over.

Dec 03, 2019
possessions are rare, you would need to be rather sick and warned down for a spirit to take over your body. ''evil'' spirits could be contacted, but if you cast a circle, cleanse regularly, and have a protection spell in place, you'll be fine.

Dec 03, 2019
Thanks nekoshema, I wanted to contact a few ansesters, any advise on how.

Dec 03, 2019
if you have an ancestor altar i would use that. otherwise, if you have a photo or item belonging to the loved one it can work. be sure to specify who you wish to talk to. it might take a few tries, and i would get into a routine of working with your ancestors [look into ancestor work or ancestor altars] but if you cast a circle and specify who you wish to speak to, it might take a few tries before you have any major results, but you'll be fine. [i've worked with spirits my whole life, i've never had an evil spirit show up during a ritual and start acting all poltergeist one me. i have had a few negative encounters, but that was the result of my friends being disrespectful and the spirit teaching them a lesson, not a random spirit turning out to be evil]

Will I hear the voices in my head or outside/around me

Apr 22, 2020
Not everyone can hear spirits [clairaudiant] and it can vary, but usually, it will sound as if someone is in the room with you and not a voice in your head similar to your thoughts.

Apr 26, 2020
Thank you for the advice!

I see ghost rarely, only if I focus on seeing them. I will get back and tell you the results once I do this spell.

Mar 17, 2023
How did it go?

bless me, to night iam going to try...

Mar 11, 2023
how did it go???

This works but you need to have a very high mediunity level. For beginners who just started exploring their metaphysical abilities this will not work.

Um... I am sort of a beginner. My great grandmother was a medium so does that help? I would like to try this.

Aug 19, 2021
Just keep trying it- eventually it'll work for you

Jeffrey is 56 and is good looking. He's a holy soul in purgatory.

I'm thinking of trying this but how do I disengage with them? (example - will they stay there forever and will i see them forever even after im done talking with them? or do i need to do this spell every time to meet them?

Dec 14, 2023
i would say something as: thanks for talking. rest in peace

Will you talk to spirts for the rest of your life, or will you not be able to after a certain time?

Dec 09, 2023
So, reading over this spell, I feel it should be fleshed out a little more, but it is possible with practice to work [we all have psychic abilities, and how yours manifests takes time and practice] This is a skill like any other. If you stop using it, you'll lose it, but once you start again, it'll come back [sometimes there's a spiritual block but you work through it and the ability will come back] This spell is a great way to start, but there's no guarantee it'll work forever every single time. [it also has some comments which are not entirely true. Like, spirits are different, they aren't all shy. Many want to talk, but can't communicate for whatever reason, others prefer being left alone, it really depends] Also, depending on the time of year, you might have more/less spiritual connection. As you level up in your craft, you will have moments of intense downloads from the universe [so much so, you'll question your sanity, trust me] and other times it's like nothing's happening. [that can also drive you insane because you'll be doing everything normally, and yet getting no reply when a week ago you couldn't get them to stop] it's a whole journey, just trust the process. Find a daily routine that works for you, and stick with that.

i just think too much, when i am ready to talk, i hear my brain making up a story theirselves. how do i stop this?

Dec 14, 2023
As mentioned, you need to begin with meditation. Grounding is a great practice to keep yourself focused. It won't work the first time but as you keep doing the grounding meditation, it'll become easier.

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