Talk with Spirits




9/10 times this will work. It is very easy and anyone can do it, but best of all, it's working.

Spell Casting

Note: Credits to Leap Year/Leap Day for making the spell. Not many people have seen this great guide, so I'm just putting this out there.

It can work anywhere, but to start of, try your house to see what spirits are wandering there.

1) You need to relax. Get into a comfortable position.

2) Meditate. This helps find voices in your head.

3) Open up your mind. Let spirits know you're there. For this, I like to imagine a text saying about me, such as, Hi! My name is Dawn. (Etc)

If you don't see/hear voices in your head, try again. They might just be shy, most ghosts are.

Don't forget to keep the conversation going! Ask them their gender, name, age, how they died, whatever you want!

Now you can talk to ghosts!

Tested: I have done this many places, and I have many friends to chat with. Arrow is a 10 year old who has a sister named Zero. They died in a burning building, and I love to chat with them.

Some people can see spirits. Good luck with that.
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