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Name: GirlDeath
Birthday: Oct 31
Location: on my throne made of black roses and black crystal
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 05 Dec 2019
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Coven Title: Council

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I'm just here to study I got into witchcraft and Wiccanism at a young age cause I found out I had the secret x or cross on my Palm which was a sign of strong magick im in love with the most amazing guy ever
I'm into fantasy art I've made my love spells and a few others work but I'm keeping to my practice I'm always lonely and it always feels like I'm walking on air and I feel at home under the stars and moon
I always seem to fall for all the wrong men I battle with depression a lot a have issues with my life but Ive grown accustomed to it
I'm not here for dating I'm here to make friend if you do like me don't flirt with me here that's against the rules ask me for my hangout or kik or messenger I do not cast spells for people mkay not my thing
I have a master
I'm making an army wanna join
I write supernatural romance novels and make art for the covers