Witches Brew

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This is an all perpouse Wizardry potion used in a lot of Halloweeny or Witchy spells.For the ingridients like fairy dust,fairysand,imp dust, or chicken's blood just charm things in the parenthesis and it will act as a substitute.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Lotion
  • Green Food Dye
  • 3 parts Marjoram
  • 3 parts Thyme
  • 1 Bayleaf
  • Fairy Sand(charmed sand art sand)
  • Blue Fairy Dust(charm blue glitter)
  • Imp Dust(charm black glitter)
  • 4 Pink Rose Peddles
  • 1 tsp. sugar
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • Statue of a witch/wizard
  • 1 carnelian stone
  • 1 old crushed leaf(any kind)
  • 3 fresh small leaves(any kind)
  • 3 drops Chicken's Blood(charmed water&red food dye)
  • Wand
  • 4 small sticks
  • Spell Book,Grimroire,Book of Shadows

Casting Instructions for 'Witches Brew'

Mix together all the ingridients together using the lotion as a base. touch the carnelian stone and the statue of a witch or wizard. Then wave your wand over the potion and say:

"Herbal Potion, Cauldron Brew
Now be charged with magic true"

Now open your spell book, Grimroire, or Book of Shadows to any random page and say this spell:

"I open this book and blow the dust,
From these pages of despare and lust,
Searching for spells perfect for you and me too,
Rose peddles go into my brew,
Magic is instore for you."

To use the potion:

  • Love Attracting-injest
  • Power-dip a pen in the potion and write on your arm what you want to enhance
  • Healing-rub on wound
  • Fairy Summoning-pour in a cicle form around your garden
  • Dragon Summoning-pour in fire or ashes
  • Luck- draw a horseshoe on your arm with it
  • Sleep-rub on your eyelids

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while some might use glitter and food colouring for their own personal reasons [the colour puts you in the state of mind] this doesn't work. it doesn't really explain what it's suppose to do exactly, but the things it listed like summoning doesn't work that way. [also, don't put a mixture of glitter, random leaves and lotion on your eyes before bed, that's dangerous] also, you may call it "chicken blood" when its water and food colouring, but some paths use actual chicken blood, and if one used real blood in this definitely never rub it on yourself [especially your eyes]

This does not work. Furthermore, you are encouraging someone to ingest a mixture of lotion, glitter and chickens blood? Make sure you have poison control on speed dial if you are that gullible.

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