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Here is very nice spell from the famous Silver Ravenwolf. It calls 26 different angels to you and can be used for any need.

Casting Instructions for 'Calling the Angels'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Chant: "Ariel begins it. Baradiel guides it. The Chalkydri sing it. Devas manifest it. Elohim wills it. The Fravashi better it. Gabriel brings it. The Hafaza watch it. The Ischim balance it. Jael guards it. Kadmiel births it. Lahabiel aids it. Michael raises it. Nebo ministers it. Ofaniel sees it. Patron angels devote it. The Queen of angels speaks it. Raphael inspires it. Sandalphon prays it. Thrones sanctify it. Uriel strengthens it. Vrevoil reveals it. Watchers protect it. Xathanael patrons it. Yahriel places the glory of the moon on it. Zodiac angels seal it. And Spirit brings it through time and space. So mote it be".

Make a sign in the air of an equal-armed cross using your dominant hand.



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I did the spell. Nothing happened yet. Do I do this spell once or many times? Do it happened right away or whenever? Or does it depend on the angels?

Setting aside my my opinion on Silver Ravenwolf, this spell seems rather incomplete. As outlined, I do not see the purpose of it. Yes, call angels to you, but is it a protection? Is this part of a larger ritual? Is it a circle casting? I would include this as part of a larger ritual. If you wish to work with angelic beings, cast a circle, stand at your altar, and say this at the start. At the end of the ritual, thank each one and dismiss them. I would suggest only calling on one angelic being at first so you can build a connection with them. If you call on twenty-seven various entities, the energy can become incredibly overwhelming. You can call on an angel in each of the four quarters of your circle for protection, but to work with, start with one. You would be able to sense the energy better, and the angel can work with you one on one. This is like asking for advice and getting a crowd of people shouting their opinions back at you. Even if one does help, you will have no way of knowing which angel helped you. Read over the list and call on the one you feel most drawn to. And, as always, do your research before calling on them.

Jan 04, 2024
Why is the spell incomplete? Is there a way to complete this spell?

Jan 05, 2024

This should be part of a ritual, but it is just a block of text. If you are calling on a spirit, especially for the first time, you need to pay it more respect. A cleansing, a circle casting, an altar set-up, items/photos to represent the entity and offerings should all be included. On a personal note, I expect spells to be detailed because new members might not know how to flesh out a ritual. If they see this, their is a good chance they will simply read the words, wave their hand in the air, and that is it. Rituals need a level of respect. They take time.

It depends on the spirit in question, some might expect this level every time, others might want it on specific occasions. A ritual should shift the energy around you. You need to create the atmosphere. Have a cleansing bath, wear clean clothes, tidy your space, meditate/ground yourself. Make sure your altar is set up and ready before you begin. If you forget something, it is fine, just annoying to break the energetic flow so you can get the item. Next, cast a circle. Any method will work, but since this is angelic, I would consider finding an angelic circle casting. Light the candles, if you have them. If you use eclectic, that is fine too. Take a few deep breathes, feel the energy flowing through you, and say the chant. I would place your offering before each angels effigy as you call to each one. This is why I would focus on one or two so as not to overwhelm your ritual. Once finished, you can introduce yourself, tell them what you need to say, and meditate. You can use a divination method if you prefer to communicate that way, but it is up to you. If you are wanting to cast a spell and need their help, cast the spell near the end. When your ritual is complete, thank them each and wish them safe travels. Go in the opposite order you called them. That is just traditional, you could try going in the same order as before and see if it makes a difference, but I feel your first time should go by the book, then play around for comparison sake. When you open the circle, again, opposite order, thanking the spirits as you go. Lastly, I would write in your Book of Shadows before and after the ritual just to record anything you can later reflect on.

That is what I expect to see when someone posts a ritual or just a chant. Not everyone knows how chants, spells, Magik or rituals work. It might get annoying for us who have studied the basics to constantly see how to charge energy or set up an altar, but for some, this is their first time and they think they just read these words and make Magik happen. In reality, it requires more effort. I would like the spell to reflect that. This is why I claim it is incomplete. Even my above explanation is a quick rundown. If it was part of the ritual, I would include more detail on how you should feel and any items you could include. But, if you research the specific entity, angelic circle casting, cleansing baths, and so on, you should be able to flesh out the ritual yourself.

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