Turn Into Alpha Werewolf

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Become an alpha werewolf like on Teen Wolf.

Casting Instructions for 'Turn Into Alpha Werewolf'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Say 3x: "To shift to what's now going to be inside me, I will be most powerful with my pack. All my senses will be 100 times better than a regular human. Turn my eyes red, fangs and claws. This is my will, so mote it be".


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Has anyone done this spell ? And does it work

Feb 19, 2019
Werewolves like vampires do not exist.

Jun 29, 2021
Well maybe to the humans they dont. But if fae and pixies and demons existed why not werewolf and vampires I mean if they do exist do you really think they go around like hi am bob am the new guy just started to day by the way am a werewolf or vampire

Where's your proof? And if i want to believe in vampiresand werewolfs i will

Feb 20, 2019
Believe in them never said you could not. I just said they do not physically exist.

Ok thanks for the advice mate

Nov 21, 2019
lord? i really want to be a vampire or a werewolf...can u help me turn into one plz?

Nov 21, 2019
you can't, magick doesn't contradict nature, you're human. you can work with vampire and werewolf energies as some believe they are astral beings, but you cannot become one.

Dec 03, 2019
i really want to be a vampire/werewolf but i dont know if i will actually be one.

Dec 03, 2019
sadly no. you can dress like one, work with astral vampires/werewolves, look into psi vampires [you can train to become one] you could also try astral projection for astral shifting, you could also look into mental shifting and working with animal spirits/guides.

I want to become a real werewolf

Dec 19, 2019
would be cool [i love werewolves myself] unfortunately you cannot. look into working with wolf spirits, werewolf archetypes, and possible astral werewolves. you could try incorporating the energy of the werewolf into your path.

Sep 15, 2020
i was born a werewolf you will regret it cause you hurt those you love people will think your a freak but i have my own pack what you really should do is find your inner self make a tiny nick on your arm then pray to lycaon to bless you

Any side effects?

I hate running, but after this spell I had the sudden urge to run around and howl, I thought my eyes went lighter too, no transformation has come yet.

Feb 02, 2020
My bad, all this gives you is clinical lycanthropy which is a mental disorder where someone thinks they're an animal, sadly that is me

Nov 04, 2022
Ether that or your a tharian witch are people who believe there an animal.

Were-animals have existed in every civilization who are we to say that they do not exist. Maybe this spell is fake but that doesn't mean werewolves are I mean how can one believe they can summon a diety, astral travel, hex, ect but can be a werewolf are we to not believe the native American traditions that their shamans possessed that power? I dont know I may be wrong but that just seems hypocritical

Jun 23, 2020
Most serious practicers do respect the indigenous practices that believe in shapeshifting. However, most belief systems with shapeshifting believe that only incredibly wise, gifted, and experienced people can physically shift, meaning it would still be out of the question for pretty much anyone. Also, things occurring in various civilizations doesn't automatically mean they're real, there are many theories about that. (It's also not in every single civilization, it's just in a lot of them. Broad claims can't be expanded to every single cultures.) It's also not hypocritical at all, all of the things you mention are spiritual occurrences and not physical ones. Astral travel isn't comparable to physical shifting. Most serious witches fully respect astral shifting and respect cultural beliefs in physical shifting, but acknowledge that physical shifting is fully out of the question for the majority of people at least.

Jun 23, 2020
Nobody's saying werewolves don't exist. People need to hyperspecific in their replies because there's always that one person who likes to go ''actually'' and miss the point [hense why most of us now say ''physical'' because even though the spell is claiming it will transform your physical being into something, us not specifying is some big thing] There's legends throughout many cultures. Many native spiritual practices call on animal spirits or totems, there are spiritual, astral and mental shifting. People also claim werewolves are spiritual creatures you can call on to gain strength and help with transformative energy. You also have otherkin and therian who are physical humans who have non-human spirits. [and to a degree there's the native belief in two-spirits] What we are saying when we say ''you cannot physically transform into a werewolf'' is ''humans cannot become werewolves'' if you project onto another plane of existence, they have different rules, and your astral form can transform into a werewolf. The physical plane has a very strict set of rules when it comes to magick. It is a natural energy, it only affects energy, it only works within the confines of nature. On different planes, you can do different things. The physical doesn't have werewolves [shapeshifting human to world under a full moon. I am not talking about otherkin or those who work with wolf spirits] you can believe in werewolves [I love werewolves, I've always been drawn to them over vampires] but you need to understand the basic limitations of the physical plane. That's all people are saying when they point out spells such as the one above that claim you can physically shapeshift into a half-human half-wolf don't work.

Jun 29, 2021
Bull5395 is right. I mean if one of you hex but I dont believe in hex. So it means the never happend by you guys logic. See bull5395 it seems like the ones saying it not real either try themselves and it did work or are mad it work but not there spell it is hypocritical.

Ok guys this dose not work. There are vampires in a way I’m not sure about werewolves though. The newer people of this site should listen to people like nekoshema who actually know a thing or two. The worst thing is when someone is actually trying to help then you insult them. Just don’t do it.

Jun 23, 2020
I was not insulting anyone nor did I say this spell worked I was just pointing out the hypocrisy about being able to do magick yet there is no possibility there can be a werewolf

Jun 23, 2020
It's not hypocrisy. Magick isn't like the movies. It's a subtle force that brings natural change. There are witches who are atheists who don't cast spells, but they believe in magick. Werewolves are astral creatures. They're spiritual beings you can work with, or you could simply use them as an archetype to inspire your craft. Physically, they don't exist because scientifically they can't [and before you go ''but you believe in magick'' magick and science are similar studies, and many in medical and science fields are Pagans] We have logical explanations as to why werewolf myths exist throughout history and cultures. If you wish to work with werewolves as an energy or symbol, that's fine, but magick on the physical plane is limited by nature. If it contradicts nature, a spell will not change it.

Nov 04, 2022
Maybe its possible for a werewolf to exist but just not through a spell maybe it could happened though a way done in movies like a crazy scientist goes and doses a crazy DNA experiment and it ends in a success and a werewolf is created there are many possibilities and so some more experienced in magik know that you can't become a werewolf through a spell and that there astal beings but you can still work with them but don't just end with werewolfs don't exist because maybe they might but there is no way to know for shire all we know is that you can't become a werewolf with magik

Nov 04, 2022
I'm not sure if you read my above post or not, but I explained what werewolves are. They're astral beings. From a historical view, it was a way superstitious people from the dark ages explained things [why are my crops dying? a witch. Why are all my sheep dead? Werewolf!] There's also a medical condition called hypotrichosis which resulted in hair growth on a person's face and body. Many were viewed in freak shows as ''werewolves.'' There are also otherkins who are humans with non-human spirits. Physically, they're human. They won't transform or have special powers. It just means their spirit [and by extension astral form] isn't human. As for DNA, there are people who alter their bodies to appear more animalistic [tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery] while their DNA hasn't changed, they can transform their physical through physical means. I'd also like to push back on your notion we don't know for certain they aren't real. You're correct magick won't make you a werewolf, but we know what werewolves are. They're spiritual beings. The only physical possibility of a werewolf I'd say is plausible is some native tribes believe shamans can shapeshift. That is after a lifetime of spiritual practice and after their final spiritual test, so the odds of it being possible are next to zero. No spell or amount of belief will make you a werewolf. Utilize their symbolism, reflect on why you like them, and call in their transformative energy into your craft. These are worthwhile ways to work with werewolves.

You cannot physically transform into a werewolf.

Also something thing else that nobody said alpha wolves don’t exist that’s a myth an don’t believe me google it.

Dec 24, 2020
You are correct. There was a study where they claimed wolves had a hierarchy of alphas and omegas and whatever else, but it was disproven a long time ago. However, people love to use the terminology to this day when it's been disproven. [peronsally, I choose my battles, and trying to convince people what isn't possible with magick is more important than disproving common misconceptions]

Jun 29, 2021
Well I believe technically it not a myth but was a miss I'd behavior of partner wolfs with young the who coin the term alpha has even said is wrong about it.

I would like to point out if I may. To nordstar Many say magic dose existed or work. So be open to things like vampire and werewolf cause if you say magic really cast a spell that brings a super model or actress in to my life as my gf or makes me win a billion dollar in the lotto or something.

I want to point out the spell is titled turn you in to a werewolf but dose not say psychical any where in the spell it self.nekoshema so that leads to to believe that it would give you a more wolf like mind set. Which I have cast this one my self and if my theory right about the mindset thing then yes it works. Or maybe am just wolf like. Any way I been on this spell to long. Later peeps

Jun 29, 2021
Why do you want a wolf mindset? This spell says it's similar to ''teen wolf'' and most would assume the change would be physical, similar to if a spell claims it will get you a car, you would expect a shiny new car and not a Hotwheels toy. As for your above post regarding Nordstar, he too knows magick is real and its limitation [physical transformation is one of them] If you cast a spell to become a vampire, it might work on the astral, but not the physical [sure, dress and act like one, but you'll still be human] casting a spell to get a model girlfriend and a billion dollars, yes, you can cast these spells, but the odds are incredibly low. Plus, it would take a long time for the spell to manifest these goals. What is plausible is to work with werewolves on a spiritual level, working with wolf spirits, casting spells to help your finances, and love spells to attract someone who is compatible with you. These are far more likely to work because they're all attainable goals.

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