Mermaid for a Day

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Ever wanted to be a mermaid? Well, try being one for a day first.

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid for a Day'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Salt
  • Necklace
  • Water (bath/shower)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Salt
  • Necklace
  • Water (bath/shower)

Before getting into your next bath/shower, rub a little salt on your legs. Then put on your favorite necklace, and get in. Next repeat these words 3 times:

"Queen Adella of the sea
Please get a tail just for me
In one minute, without delay
I shall have a tail
Just for a day"


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You can not become a mermaid even for a day.

Apr 24, 2020
quit ruining it for other people you don't have to try it

Apr 24, 2020
I am trying to help people. I do not want them wasting precious time and energy on things that do not work, get discouraged, and walk away. You can look into Sea Witchcraft if you are interested in mermaids, but you would not become one. Sea Witchcraft works with the water element, and mermaids as well as other water spirits are called on to aid in spells. Magic does not defy natural law on the physical plane. You are human, mermaids are astral. Humans cannot physically transform, it is not in our nature to do so. Magic does not defy nature on the physical plane because it is ruled by nature. Ergo, this spell does not work.

did this happen atleast to ne persone i really wanna know cuz i want to be a mermaid

May 12, 2020
You cannot physically transform into anything. Mermaids are astral beings. You could work with them similar to spirits, but you can't become one. [at best you can get one of those mermaid tails and learn to swim with them]

Why do people make fake spells like these?

Sep 20, 2021
To troll people or beginners who really want to become something like a mermaid, werewolf, vampire, etc.

I agree cuz what is the point of using a fake spell if you are trying to become a ''mermaid'' when you can't become one.. i mean seriously

Sep 20, 2021
There is a job where you can be a mermaid at a show for little kids, but I agree you can't physically become a mermaid.

If you want to be a mermaid try getting a job as a professional mermaid or try lucid/astral dreamwork. (Pardon me if I messed up terms.)

Oct 11, 2022
Wearable mermaid tails are also available for purchase online. Fin Fun creates high-quality tails, but they go up to the hundreds in USD.

Guys you don't become one. You act like one. I could breathe underwater after this and I don't know how.

Oct 15, 2023
It might be me just imagining but I was underwater for 3 mins and 22 seconds.

Oct 15, 2023
It is impossible for humans to breathe underwater. Magic does not defy the laws of reality, nor does it make the impossible possible. I don't doubt you were able to stay underwater for that long but please don't exaggerate by saying you were able to breathe it outright.

Oct 16, 2023
Roleplaying is against site rules.

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