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Name: ArrowJones
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Hi, my name is Arrow Jones, I go by AJ, Arrow, or Jonsie. I am 13 and a closeted witch. My birthday is June 16 therefore my Zodiac is a Gemini making my Spirit Animal a deer. My Chinese Zodiac is a Rat.

My Mom believes Witchcraft is against Christianity, my Dad doesn't really care, and my Aunt is trying to teach me Witchcraft. So I kinda have a family war going on right now. My Aunt brought me here though, so I guess I'm gonna be on this site for a while.

My best-friend on this site is WitchGemini, I brought her here. You mess with her and you'll die, no hesitation. Gem dear, if you're reading this then please tell me if someone messes with you, I'll kill them for you.

I also dislike an empty inbox so I would suggest dropping a hello in my inbox.

Also. I don't do spells or potions for other people, so your just out of luck if you came to ask!