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This spell is for those of you who were born Vampires, but have not yet begun the awakening process. Often times Vampires are drawn to vampiric things, but they don't realize what they already are. This spell will help you achieve full awakening to your true self.

Casting Instructions for 'Vamp it Up : Vampire Awakening Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Voice
  • -- The night sky
  • --> the NEW MOON is preferred, but any moon phase will work.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Voice
  • -- The night sky
  • --> the NEW MOON is preferred, but any moon phase will work.

At the peak of the night, say these words while looking skyward.


" Mother Nyx, Goddess of night, I stand before you now. A fledging I want. A fledgling I need. Please awaken me." 


*This will only work if you are a true vampire*


For more information on real life vampires, visit this website:

Steve (the founder and author of the above website) may come off as a bit harsh, but all of the information on that site is factual.

Enjoy everyone.

Blessed be.


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does this really work?

Apr 03, 2019
This is a fake spell, vampires in this way are not real and you cannot become a different creature with magick or awaken a mythical creature inside yourself, it simply isn't how it works.

how long do i have to wait

Apr 03, 2019
Madisyn, vampire spells do not work and will never work, vampires do not exist and you cannot become one with or without magick (unless you are just playing dress up). You are human and will always be. No matter how long you wait, you will not become one.

You are human, you cannot become a vampire. Vampires as seen in popular culture are not physical beings, ergo you are not one.

Are there any side effects?

Aug 11, 2023
considering that vampire spells don't work since you can't become a vampire, I'd say the only side effect would probably be the energy of the spell having nowhere to go and hanging around.

Sep 02, 2023
First off, nice to see another Genshin fan [love Itto] But, to answer your question, no. As Draq said, vampire spells aren't real [specifically spells claiming to turn you into a physical blood-sucking vampire] Side effects from these spells are usually psychosomatic [placebo effect] or the result of charging a bunch of energy that has nowhere to go [because you can't physically transform] and the energy just bounces around your home for a while, effecting you, making you feel sick/unwell, until the energy fades away. You might want to look into psi vampires. You can also try working with astral vampires, deities associated with vampires, using vampire imagery in your craft, or working with blood magick [but be careful with blood magick. Not because it's powerful and taboo, but because you could get an infection. Use a diabetic needle to prick your finger and only use a drop. You don't need a lot of blood, and you should NEVER slice your hand open for a spell]

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