How To Become A Mermaid When You Touch Water

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This spell will transform you into a mermaid when you touch water! You can do the spell at a beach or a lake or a pond or even your pool! But you have to be alone where nobody is watching you.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Source of water like pool, pond, lake or beach
  • Yourself
  • Belief
  • Anything from the ocean that is a symbol of mermaids

Casting Instructions for 'How To Become A Mermaid When You Touch Water'

First go out to the water source and sit right in front of it with your legs straight out in front of you.

Meditate and think about mermaids. If you put your mind on something else for one second or even less than a second, the spell will not work and it will cancel itself and then you would have to start over.

Meditate for about 5 minuets with your eyes closed.

Then when meditation is done, keep your eyes closed and slowly put yourself in the water source and imagine yourself feeling the warmth of the water warming you up. When you are fully in without your head in the water, open your eyes and grab the mermaid symbol.

If you are at the beach, use it to scoop sand that was in the ocean.

If you are at a lake or pond, use it to scoop the water and some lake dirt or sand.

If you are at a pool, just scoop the water.

While looking at the contents in your symbol, say this spelL

''Gods and goddesses of the sea,
Listen now and hear my plea
My wish is to be a mermaid
Like all other mermaids listening too
My tail will be [color of tail ex: my tail will be the color of white like the fluffy clouds in the sky] and my powers will be [powers you want ex: my powers will be water bending]
If you think that's enough,
Trust me to your sacred waters.
This is my biggest will
So mote it be.''

Then, take the water and pour it on your head.

Soak yourself in the water for about 10 minutes and then you should feel a tingling sensation all over your legs. Don't move if you feel it or you will cancel the spell. When the tingling is done look down at your legs

If it worked, congrats! And you should get out of the water and dry yourself so to see that you can go back to human form. If your dry and you aren't turning back, the mermaid gods and goddesses trusted you to be with them forever.

If it didn't work, go back to the end of the spell, scoop up another scoop of water and say a prayer and have your hands cupped with the symbol inside and say for as long as you want, for it will strengthen your chances of the spell being proven as successful.
If it still didn't work, try a different spell for as this one is not meant for you and another one is.

If you stay out of water with your tail still on for more than 1 minuet then you will start to have breathi problems and you would have to get yourself back in the water as soon as possible or else you could die!

Side effects:
Tingling sensation

And that's wraps up this spell

Thank you for taking time off of your day to look at this spell! Comment about this spell by mailing me or you can text me: 810-547-6114
Good luck and be blessed!

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You cannot become a mermaid.

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