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I found this spell from the past, this is a spell that was used by wiccans before. Make a wish on a leaf.

Casting Instructions for 'Leaf Wish'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A leaf
  • A pen
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A leaf
  • A pen

Find a leaf outside, write down a wish that you want to happen, then let the leaf fly away in the wind. When you let the wind carry the leaf away the spirits that see the leaf will grant your wish. You should also tell the spirits in your mind " spirits if you find this leaf grant my wish" this will make the spell become stronger.


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So do you write the wish on the leaf or what

May 18, 2019
I want to try it but where do I put my wish

May 18, 2019
Yes you write the wish on the leaf. You can also do this with bay leaves and burn them, it is very useful.


Can I write more than one wish on the same leaf

And can I use this spell more than once

How long does it takes for this spell to work anyone knows I tried it like a week and a few days ago

May 28, 2019
That all depends on the intention of the wish on each leaf, and how likely those wishes are to manifest. If something is easy to do and likely, it will manifest quickly, but if something is bigger or more difficult it will take longer.

May 28, 2019
To add to HearthWitch, if your wish was ''I wish to find 100$ on the street'' the universe needs to find a way to make that happen and this might take longer than if you wish for more love in your life. If you wished for love, be observant, you might be getting more love from friends and family and not from your crush. If you wished for your crush to ask you out, are you in contact with this person? Do you talk to them or do you sit in the corner staring at them and they have no clue who you are? Magick works better if you're putting in mundane effort too.

Can i wish to have a twin?

Jun 13, 2020
You can wish it, but it won't manifest. Unless you already have a twin, a spell isn't going to create a twin for you.

Sorry for the dumb question, but is sharpie okay to write my wish with? It's just that a regular pen may not write so well on a leaf. Thanks!

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