A Powerful Vampire Spell

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This spell turns you into a vampire in 30 seconds.

Casting Instructions for 'A Powerful Vampire Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

It has to be dark and you can be either inside or outside. You take a symbol that means something to you and put it on. Then close your eyes and focus on you becoming a vampire and never turning back. Focus on the things you want to be able to do like for example running fast, super senses, etc. And then say this chant three times with your eyes opened.

"I invoke the spirits and I want to say I'm tired of this boring life. There is never anything new, everything is the same, and there is nothing to do and there never will be anything exciting in this boring life. So that's why I want to become a vampire. Please, make it true.

Nothing will ever be the same, drinking blood with extraordinary thirst, and never be tamed.
After tonight, everyone will see, nothing will ever be the same. So make me a vampire. It shall be. Give me red eyes when thirsty. I call the spirits to make this me. So mote it be."

Side effects: Dizziness, and pale skin.


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Does this spell really works?

Jul 08, 2019
No this isn't a real spell that will work. Vampires like this do not exist and we cannot change our genetics or physical form with magick.

Actually you can magic is the cause of nature yes but it can also bend and bind nature every true wiccan knows that I was born wiccan and voodoo blessed in both religions my dad was a voodoo priest and mom blessed by the goddess herself so before you judge know your stuff if you want to be called a true wiccan

Oct 29, 2019
not everyone followed Wicca [and as someone whose father practices Vodou you should know this] magick is limited by nature on the physical plane, this contradicts nature, therefore it won't work.

You cannot become a vampire.

May 12, 2022
Isn't a vampire bite supposed to turn you into one but only if you're a good enough vessel or something like that?

May 12, 2022
Vampires as in the Dracula kind that drinks blood and lives forever is not a physical being, it is an astral being. You can be a psi (psychic) vampire. You can be born as a psi vampire or train to be like one through energy work. Some also claim they are a vampire on a spiritual level. Meaning, their spirit is meant to be a vampire, but it was born in a human form. You can dress like a vampire. You can act like a vampire. You can practice blood magick. You can worship astral vampires. You can be a vampire on the astral plane. But an astral vampire cannot transform you into a physical vampire. A spell will not make you a physical vampire. You cannot and will not physical transform into a vampire as seen in movies. Anyone who claims you can physically transform into a movie vampire is trying to scam you.

As I had said before all you who believe you think you even grasp thinking you have the knowledge of magic and it's limits even going as far to say you know the realm of the supernatural is truly arrogant and egotistical and no one knows and you so call believe you know the limits of magick but do you truly know every source from which types of magick come from to know their limits and I know someone is trying to research into voodoo but do you even have the proper permission from elder or higher to even begin to do that because if you don't well that's very disrespectful to their cultural beliefs and it has serious consequences for practicing without permission from a voodoo priest or priestess and have gone through the trials given by them and once gone through them then given their approval which isn't lightly given especially outside of their culture so look at the spells in categories that are of such closed practices and not ones like theses and you should really reconsider you're joining of covens that's how you lose you're freedom of practice and will and also and the ability to believe in any other path they put to you and you miss out on certain deities trying to contact you so in short joining covens is a way to not have a path of you're own and also any spell not properly studied can backfire on the user a lot worse than intended this isn't a threat just friendly advice take it as you will

Oct 10, 2020
The reason they call certain spells out for being fake is because they know its fake. They have been practicing for almost decades, so they have a decent amount of knowledge. I wouldn't assume someone's magical proficiency based on comments they make on the internet.

Oct 10, 2020
To clarify: You're assuming they know nothing and are being arrogant based off of comments they made, when you don't know their history on the site nor how long they have been practicing for. You shouldn't be so condescending to people you don't know, and pretend you have all the knowledge when the opposite could be true.

Oct 10, 2020
Theirs you're first mistake assuming I believe I know more than others no one does only beings of higher existence would know more than others so think before you say something else to me cause you're the one sounding condescending right now I find certain people arrogant not because of the spell or cause theirs calling it fake I call people out when they think they know the limits of magick no one here not even me and no matter how long they've been here or practice no one but absolutely no one will ever know the true depth of the limits magick can have you all can practice and hone you're craft but none of you or me will ever know it's limits it's foolish to even be presumptuous enough to even talk about saying about any limits to magick as I said not a single person or mortal soul could even begin to fathom the complexity to even begin to know how far magick can go I don't know you don't know no one knows so with that their said I call out those who even mention about the limits magick can have because again not a single soul here including me will ever even begin to understand such things like that no matter how long one has practiced or what knowledge or proficiency in magick they might have or their history will ever come even close to knowing such an answer I don't pretend to I even said I don't either so before you say something else to me think and read very carefully of every word I've said they come back and say what you have to say when you really looked at what I've said and pondered it long enough to say something back to me cause if you answer back to quickly I'll know you barely read what I said at all or even thought towards my words I've said here

Oct 11, 2020
You assume we are arrogant, egotistical and know nothing when we are trying to help new members not be fooled by fake spells. You cannot yell at Selene when they call you out for your hypocrisy. In one breath you claim you are not superior and in the next you ridicule Selene for their opinion. You are acting arrogant and egotistical. We are stating facts and if someone asks why we politely explain and give alternatives. Get off your high horse, Darklord12. Also, nobody said anything about voodoo. It is a closed path. You need a teacher for that path. These are facts of Voodoo. If you are referring to the above comment, they claim their father was a voodoo priest. Whether is is true or not we do not know, but they claim their father blessed them. If you are referring to my profile, I am interested in voodoo, but I am not studying voodoo for I do not have a teacher. I never claimed I was studying it, simply it interested me as I wish to further my knowledge. Furthermore, what right do you have to disavow those who are members of a coven? Firstly, there are closed paths in which you need to join a coven to learn. Secondly, being a coven member does not make you better than a solitary or vise versa. Being in a coven does not mean you do not have your own path or connection to the divine. It simply gives you a support group and social circle. If you claim to know so much, by all means, help others by sharing your wisdom instead of trying to tear people down simply because you dislike their methods.

Oct 11, 2020
High horse huh that's funny and such an ill placed word to me I have no attributes of that and and I didn't yell can't see were you saw that I assume things as you put it as I see them I call things out as I observe them I don't pretend to know more than others I say what I know and you call me arrogant and egotistical though you are coming at me the way you assume I'm doing which is false cause I'm not cussing out anyone I'm just stating all those who I've seen keeping saying the limits of magick when none of you not even me know what that is and I said what I thought not ridiculed I would of been a lot more mean if I was doing that so think first before you say something you'll just make a fool of yourself otherwise although I guess I can come off heavily at others and the thing with voodoo and with covens I didn't disavow anyone anyone I've stated my opinion of covens and for those thinking of joining anyone to first think what they want for their path and their craft and well about the thing of what you said about it not making one better than the other who are solitary you must know not many see it that way and see themselves as elitist cause they are so some may be of good intentions and others not so much is what I'm saying as a well word of caution and I know a what I know I won't say I'm the center of knowledge in magick no one is and I'm not against researching and learning more or helping others so you're right with that and I guess I should be thinking of others feelings of what I say may make people feel but I state my opinion and what I feel about certain subjects and as for my spiritual connection I'm not of a singular religion I follow many different ones and I my research as anyone should and I continue to learn more with each day and month and year that passes as I find new things plus I also practice in more let's just say to keep things sorta short and not drowned out obscure entities that some believe in a sense to dangerous to work with other research on but then again what isn't when digging deeper into things that aren't exactly known about isn't that the point of gaining knowledge to push past those barriers and limits to gain more and more understanding of things some may fear to try to understand do you believe me wrong in that sense at all?

Oct 11, 2020
Do not take this the wrong way, Darklord12, but could you please use punctuation? Your run on sentences are hard to follow. You cannot hear a person's tone in the written form, coupled with a lack of punctuation, someone appearing to disavow members comes across as confrontational. I will agree there are elitism in the Pagan Community, but it is not as wide spread as it once was. I am sorry if you had to deal with that. However, I will argue when older members come forward and tell you something, they are not doing it because they feel superior. They do this because they feel compelled to help new members. Putting someone on a clear path will help them grow versus dropping them in the middle of the ocean and telling them to swim, explaining basic natural laws is wiser. If you hear something that does not resonate with you, you do not need to accept it. If you feel like testing something yourself, you can. Nobody is stopping you, we are giving information and letting you apply it in your craft.

Oct 11, 2020
Yeah sorry about that I tend to keep writing and forget to do that especially when talking I apologize for that, and yeah I've seen certain people who can be categorized as elitist and I do like to search into the more obscure things like for instance and I'm not sure if you've heard of this or know what it is but it's known as the black flame , I came by it when someone who well is a follower to the fallen angel Azazel got knowledge of this and in turn shared it my fiance who is a in more of the light when she saw this and witnessed the well incantation or ritual of this for that black flames whatever it was it didn't effect me really but it heavily affected her. And well after some meditation with all I'll say are some of her deities she follows and I follow some of the same ones she does as well, she felt better but whatever that black flames are it's something that has to do with something really strong in magick like how hellfire is a strong arcane element this one well it was definitely intense I was able to handle going through the entire thing but , it had a really bad effect and experience for her not sure if you are someone you know has ever heard of this black flames before.

Nov 16, 2021
The spell has a limit which doesn't provide the real form of vampirism

How does magick work it's now a imaginary thing for people thinking vampires are only blood suckers and can't be turned through magick now and will have superpowers and we here took years and practiced energy vampirism this ruins laws of nature as well as mindset of a begginer , I would advice if you are looking to be a vampire do a deep research and if you are interested to be a vampire than learn energy vampirism not something imaginary

Nov 16, 2021
You're correct that there are energy vampires [psi vampires] and while most are born with this ability if you practice energy work you can learn how to drain energy from people. There are also people who believe their spirit is a vampire while their physical is human. Some also claim that on the astral plane they've become vampires [different planes of existence have different rules and limitations when it comes to magick] You can also dress like a vampire and use the esthetic and imagery in your craft. This sad reality is a spell to make you a blood-sucking vampire isn't real, but if you take a step back and reframe your goal, you can find a solution.

Trying this update tommorw.

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