A Powerful Vampire Spell

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This spell turns you into a vampire in 30 seconds.

Casting Instructions for 'A Powerful Vampire Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

It has to be dark and you can be either inside or outside. You take a symbol that means something to you and put it on. Then close your eyes and focus on you becoming a vampire and never turning back. Focus on the things you want to be able to do like for example running fast, super senses, etc. And then say this chant three times with your eyes opened.

"I invoke the spirits and I want to say I'm tired of this boring life. There is never anything new, everything is the same, and there is nothing to do and there never will be anything exciting in this boring life. So that's why I want to become a vampire. Please, make it true.

Nothing will ever be the same, drinking blood with extraordinary thirst, and never be tamed.
After tonight, everyone will see, nothing will ever be the same. So make me a vampire. It shall be. Give me red eyes when thirsty. I call the spirits to make this me. So mote it be."

Side effects: Dizziness, and pale skin.

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Does this spell really works?

Jul 08, 2019
No this isn't a real spell that will work. Vampires like this do not exist and we cannot change our genetics or physical form with magick.

Actually you can magic is the cause of nature yes but it can also bend and bind nature every true wiccan knows that I was born wiccan and voodoo blessed in both religions my dad was a voodoo priest and mom blessed by the goddess herself so before you judge know your stuff if you want to be called a true wiccan

Oct 29, 2019
not everyone followed Wicca [and as someone whose father practices Vodou you should know this] magick is limited by nature on the physical plane, this contradicts nature, therefore it won't work.

You cannot become a vampire.

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