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Name: Infinio
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Hello to you all, it's nice to meet you .
I Am Infinio a socceror and ward and many more forms and things to know
But I am still not so good I m kinda learning and growing
as well teaching some peoples .
Things I practice :-
* Divination (pure form / as well as other forms )
* Dark magic
* Blood magick
* Light magick
* Destruction and death soccery
* Manipulation plaons
* Sex magick
* Vampirism
* Nature magick
* Mysticism
* Mist hovering / Mist magick
* Creation practises and Magick
About the things I can help,,
~ I can do a energy scan for ( note I m not so good in it but I can still try )
~ I can make a person a energy/astral vampire which are real not like movies people think about vampires
~ help in past life memories and forms
My current practice and learnings
I Am currently practicing divination and learning it deeply and energy work
And sorts of forms and mysticism
Practicing differnts form of magick and some are forbidden to others who are connected to nature or don't have any form
A important to message to all who are seeing my profile - Magick is not like you see in movies and as also same about vampires you can't fly in real by breaking the laws of nature and this world and realty and if you are thinking that why I am posting this at last of my info because it's understandable to open minded people
The things I do except of magick is gaming, singing, drawing, etc.
Feel free to message me if you want to talk about anything .