True Vampire spell.

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This spell allows you to become a true vampire. I am a Vampire myself and it worked for me. Please mail me if it works or not.

I don't think you can change back.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Conspiration
  • Night time
  • Full moon (or blood moon)
  • Voice.
  • Inside or outside.

Casting Instructions for 'True Vampire spell.'

Go into a quiet room or outside. Consintrate on what you want to become a vampire.

Now chant this three tines.

''Vampire vampire hear my plea
Make me your child, as you see.
When the day is hot and bright.
I shall burn but yet no fright.
Vampire vampire now hear me.
On this full moon is where im free.
This is my will so mote it me.

Side effects:
Teeth getting sharper (K9,s)
A small taste for blood. You can control this
The sun will feel a lot hotter then normal and you'll burn easaly.

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I almost bite heheh

Jun 04, 2019
Don't know if you're joking or serious, but you can't become a vampire with magick, it's a natural energy that doesn't contradict nature and you are human. This spell is fake.

Oct 14, 2019
you can become a vampire. but not forever just for a few days as long as you do the spell. stop trying to look so smart when you know nothing about vampires and magic. Nekoshema so shut up

Oct 15, 2019
TherianGirl, roleplaying is against site rules. you cannot become a physical blood-sucking vampire with real magick. as for the "you don't know about vampires and magick" while i don't work with astral vampires, i have been a practicing pagan for 15 years, so while i don't need to show my credentials to you, i can assure you i know what i'm talking about regarding magick and its limitations.

Will your fangs be retractable if you do this spell ?

Oct 14, 2019
You won't get fangs at all with this spell. Vampires in this way are not real and you cannot change your physical form with magick.

Oct 15, 2019
i dont understand why people are tying to put other people in check about spells but some of you guys spell magic like magick

Oct 15, 2019
1. answering questions and correcting mistakes, not put people in check. 2. most pagans spell real magick with a 'k' to separate it from stage magic, a few don't like the incorrect magick spelling and just go with 'magic' [Scott Cunningham was one such individual who disliked spelling it 'magick']

Oct 22, 2019
Magic is fake and only stage practitioners use it. Magick with a "k" is real magick. Seeing as you actually posted that dumb comment, I recommend you read up more before using this site lmao

Oct 23, 2019
I am unsure which person you are insulting SorcererA, but good_vibes asked an honest question and Nekoshema answered it correctly. I choose to spell it Magic without the K because growing up I admired Scott Cunningham and he did not spell it Magick. Some also spell it majik or magik, all of these are correct ways to spell it. The common way practitioners spell it would be magick, but spelling it Magic, majik or magik does not mean you are wrong. Magic is a force, the spelling does not matter.

This is got to be a joke right? Magick can't conflict with reality. Your body is human, you can't change that. Lol whoever wrote this is living in fantasy land.

Nov 11, 2019
Magic is real, it?s just you either choose it or accept it but once you do a spell it?s hard not to afterwards. I have heard of people killing themselves over magical thoughts as assure of knowing them as a traveler but the thing is about it they are chooses by destiny not by birth. They are one of the people who like to move around but the curse about magic is when you use it there is a voice in your head that says keeps it going. I for one work with the elements of nature around me and I can tell you magic is real once used. It?s just your believe but now & days I grew up knowing that transformation spells don?t do anything unless you contact a person who has a book of spell from the history of like way back to 1800?s or better yet 1700?s from where they only practiced demonic and/or christian worships, around that time people didn?t think twice about consequences

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