A tested and Working Vampire Spell

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This spell has been tested by 6 people and it works every time. Or so far at least. Any complaints, message me. Fluff haters will be blocked.

Casting Instructions for 'A tested and Working Vampire Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Full moon
  • -Alone
  • -Outside (optional)
  • -Dark
  • -Blood (optional and for gods sake just a few drops! Not a few pints!)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Full moon
  • -Alone
  • -Outside (optional)
  • -Dark
  • -Blood (optional and for gods sake just a few drops! Not a few pints!)
Goddess Nyx, Hear my cry.
Make me a child of Night.
A vampyre is what I wish to be.
Grant this wish, Nyx, so mote it be.

Me and 4 others tested this spell. It worked for all of us. If it doesnt work for you, I can try and make you one.


Added to on Jan 29, 2014
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Hi. I was wondering if you can do the spell since I am a newbie and I am now doing research at the moment. Can you do it? You could always say you're my friend so my parents don't yell at me. Please help.

Jan 07, 2019
The original poster no longer exists. You cannot become a vampire. Nyx is a Personification of the Night in Primordial Greek Mythology.

Jan 08, 2019
Is there a spell that does work?

Jan 08, 2019
Spells that claim to turn you in to any creature, are fake. Magick does not break the laws of nature.

Can you just make me one

Mar 15, 2019
No because you're human, as is this person. They're lying to you if they're claiming a spell made them a vampire. I'm sorry but that's not how real magick works.

Oct 15, 2019
you can become another creature you have to be born it, this is a harsh reality to everyone but i know from experience. i tried to fit in enough with human society to know the limits of your (and partly mine) kind.

Hi i was wondering if you could turn me

Jun 04, 2019
The original poster is not a vampire, nor do vampires in this sense of the word exist.

Dec 02, 2019
i think vampires do exist you dont know how many creatures have yet to be discovered

Jun 15, 2021
*jordy, perhaps they do. I mean, there are already humans who drink blood because of some mental condition (but only teaspoons from sterile stuff). Who knows? But still, magick won't transform you into something you aren't (on the physical level)

Im a vampire but we only have a powerful sense and smell but some vamp are powerful there are so many types of a vamp

Jun 07, 2019
The only ''vampire'' that is physically real are psychic or ''psy'' vampires who tap into another's energy and drain that. They are normal humans with unique psychic abilities. You aren't a vampire, you're human.

I was wondering...do you know what would happen if you do multiple spells over a short period of time..is it bad to do that?

Oct 04, 2019
If you have the energy you can cast in infinite amount of spells. I would limit the amount of spells just so you don't get drained or the spells start getting muddied. [Also, you don't need to cast 10 lof the same spells, one works just as well]

If you can't turn me into a vampire then make me rich instead.

you cannot become a vampire

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