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Name: Agiel
Birthday: Jul 30
Location: Watching ~
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 24 Jun 2018

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Coven Title: Council
Position: Editor

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Personal Bio

Read my bio before mailing me with whatever content.


My soul:

" If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need only ask. "


A witch ought never be frightened in a dark forest..

because she should be sure in her soul that the most - Terry Pratchett

terrifying thing in the forest was her.


I am an eclectic pagan, a paranormal researcher, a demonolator and a neutral witch.

I've been practicing magick for 5 years, practicing divination for over 6 years.


  • Do not flirt with me.
  • Do not mail me without a subject , that mail won't even be opened.
  • Do not ask me to cast for you or give you a tarot reading, I do not do that to strangers.
  • Do not use abbreviations of any kind when mailing me. Speak properly.


I am more than happy to answer questions/doubts you might have. However do not waste my time on fluff subjects such has physical shapeshifting, bending the elements, etc.. Because I will warn you and then block you if the warning has not been answered.

I forge my own path. I do not follow a specific one. I honor and work with demons, as well as I honor a Goddess.

I combine things in to my path that I am attracted to and that make sense to me. I follow my logic and go with my guts.

I work with:

  • Goddess Artemis ( First Goddess that came to me, the one I feel most drawn and connected to ).
  • Archangel Michael ( The only archangel I feel connected to and work with ) .
  • Dark Goddess Lilith ( The second Goddess I work with and honor).
  • Lucifer ( Currently studying him only ).

I practice:

  • Angelology( Study of angels )
  • Reiki ( First level )
  • Divination ( Tarot cards )
  • Cartomancy ( Normal cards )
  • Paranormal ( Interacting with spirits and helping them )
  • Demonolatry ( Working with demons and also studying them )
  • Sigil Magick ( Making and activating sigils )
  • Curses/Hexes ( Both casting and breaking )
  • Candle Magick ( I use a lot of candles in my magick )
  • Dreams ( Study and decoding them )