Kiba's Realm Creation Guide

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This is how to create a world on your own.

Casting Instructions for 'Kiba's Realm Creation Guide'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Spirit Guide
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Spirit Guide
This spell teaches you how to create your own realm. You can enter it through astral projection.

1) Connect to your spirit guide.
Ask your spirit guide to help you build the world. If you can't do it on your own, give her a visual picture of the world, or give her instructions on what to make. Then, she'll make the realm.

2) Make rules.
Like, can the creatures fly? Are they immortal, or do they have to sleep or eat in order to stay alive?

3) Create the creature.
It can be a human, or it could be an animal. It could be an animal from your imagination, or even a dragon!

4) Raise the creature.
Treat him as if he is a son of yours. You are his father/mother after all, since you created him. Tell him life rules, what he can do and can't, what life is, what his life is all about, etc.

5) Put the creature in the realm.
Make sure to speak to the creature telepathically so you can speak to him while he is in the realm. Be sure that he knows how to survive, and that you've taught him. Like, make sure he knows how to eat, how to drink, how to sleep, and what to do to hunt or find a den.

The creature will get lonely! Try to create a mate for him to love and spend his life with forever.

6) Create limits.
If you don't, the creatures living there will be able to change the realm in however they wish. Other astral projectors will be able to enter your realm. Make sure to set barriers!

7) Publish the realm.
It's just as how you would publish a website you were creating. You need to make the realm public. All you do is, talk to your spirit guide and ask her to make the realm a public. That means, it exists.

Remember to visit your realm as much as you can! Let's go for every day. The creatures there need you. You are their creator. Teach them everything they need to know as they live there.


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This kinda reminds me of a tupla but this seems pretty good but VERY time consuming

is there a simpler way? and how do we get our spirit guide? also, how do we create the creature?

Apr 07, 2020
imagine it

this works really well

This requires an edit. You do not need to connect with a higher being to create a spiritual realm unless the purpose is to connect with them in that realm. Designing the world as real as possible is key, but you do not need to publish your world. It is for you alone, and possibly any spiritual beings you choose to work with on that plane.

Is there a way to break out of this realm if made bye God's and your demonic

Jul 14, 2023
Realm creation is personal, you don't need a deity's help [you could. Some witches place their altar in realms they created on the astral to connect with their deities, but it isn't a requirement to call on one to build it] If you work with infernals, you can call on them, or design it to reflect their realm. If you ever feel trapped in any other plane of existence [astral, ethereal, whatever] think of your room then open your eyes [even if you're stuck in a dream, realize it's a dream, then shut your eyes really tight and slowly open them. I learned that trick at a young age. It works 99% of the time. On that 1% it doesn't do it again. Seriously, tell yourself to wake up and eventually your physical will clue in, it just takes practice]

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