Body Transformation

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This spell will allow you to change your body however you want.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • A pencil or pen
  • A crystal
  • A string
  • A mirror

Casting Instructions for 'Body Transformation'

You draw what you want your body to look like in pen or pencil (draw the best you can but it doesn't have to be a Picasso). Crumble it in your hand, and tie the crystal to the paper with the string. Go to the mirror and touch it with your non-dominant hand and holding the paper and crystal in your dominant hand chant.

"Body, Body, Body of mine, I will you to change, change into the image of my dreams, by the power of the full moon I will you to change! Change into the image of my dreams! So mote it be!" say x3 (for best effects). Now imagine your body changing into the body you want.


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Can the Crystal be apart of a necklace? And if so, can I use the chain instead?
Jan 11, 2019
This spell is rubbish. Magic cannot transform you physically
I would put the picture on a vision board to further motivate me while using diet and exercise to create my desired outcome, but as a 'think happy thoughts and the spell just works' no, spells don't work that way [if they did I would be a millionaire with a unicorn]
What if you?re ambidextrous? I don?t really have a dominant hand and I was thinking of trying this spell.
Feb 17, 2019
It doesn't matter. Magick cannot transform you physically in an instant like that. It is more for motivation to diet and work out to get that outcome you are seeking.
i now despise the comment section for the fact of so much disgust and hate towards someone or their spells and beliefs.
Feb 25, 2019
who is being hateful?
Feb 26, 2019
Sorry if people come off as "hateful" but many people wish to help prevent people from wasting time on pointless non working spells that results in the new person quitting out of frustration. Not to sound mean but real magick is a natural energy uses to bring natural changes, not instant dramatic ones. Spells that claim you say a few words and poof you're a completely different person doesn't work because you still need to put in the effort. We live on the physical plane and are unfortunately limited by the physical planes natural laws.
Mar 22, 2019
I Agree myeesha
I aggree with Tika, unfortunately magic cannot do such powerful things. A motivation spell would be better.
Rest anyone realise this is an illusion spell!
where do you get a crystal?! [dont @ me]
Mar 11, 2019
Depends what you're looking for exactly, but you can check this sites shop for crystals. You might even have a metaphysical or occult shop near you to buy some, or simply google the crystal you want and purchase [also, no one will shame you for asking this, we're here to help]
Do any of you know any dragon spells that work and is easy for beginners
Mar 21, 2019
Dragon spells similar to this, that allow you to change your body into a dragon are not real. You cannot change your physical form with Magick. We can work with dragonic spirits and energies but I would suggest studying a basic foundation of knowledge first.

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