Half Angel/Half Demon

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Become half angel half demon with retractable wings.

Casting Instructions for 'Half Angel/Half Demon'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Say this 1 time it works the night of the day you do the spell: "Gods and Goddesses of darkness, I wish to be half angel and half demon. My wings shall grow in (amount of day's you want them in) my wings will be (legnth in inches) and strong for flight, my wings shall be retractible so I can hide them. As soon as the moon rises I will become half angel and half demon, as soon as it is dark my wings will grow, so mote it be."


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Last edited on Oct 24, 2017
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Being half angel and half demon is not the best life choice. I was born that way. If you think you feel out of place now, it will be your worst nightmare come true. Careful, everyone. Blessed be.

Feb 03, 2019
You are human, nothing more nothing less. Though, I must point out that in another post you claim to be a werewolf, so it this would make you a demon/angel/werewolf. I think you need to reread the site rules about role play.

Feb 03, 2019
According to her profile she's actually a vampire/werewolf hybrid, so add that to the list. Seriously this isn't a roleplaying site and you could get gagged for violating the rules, just a heads up.

May 16, 2019
How is it bad? Im not being rude but, I just wanna know before I do it....

May 16, 2019
You cannot become anything other than human. You can look into working with angels and demons, you can also bind one to you [i wouldn't recommend that, it's like getting married only the divorce is 10 times harder] if you choose to work with an entity, research it before calling on it so you know what you're getting into.

This spell will not work because [as said many times already] this is not how real magick works. It works with nature, not against it.

Apr 10, 2019
Nekoshema, I understand that you wish to protect others from fake spells, but on every spell I've seen involving transformation, your comments are crushing the dreams of others and pushing your beliefs onto them. Though I understand where you're coming from, I will ask you to please cease with pushing your beliefs onto others in the community. I have a feeling that you wouldn't want another's beliefs pushed onto you. Thanks, TheSmallFox.

Apr 10, 2019
She's not ''crushing the dreams of others,'' SmallFox, she's just stating a fact. Honestly, I view it as kinder to let people know that transformation isn't possible, so they don't waste time and energy trying to achieve it. I've seen people who think they can't cast spells because they're trying things like transformation, and I think it's kind of sad when someone spends so much time and puts so much passion into something impossible. I think it's much better to just let people know it's impossible early on.

Apr 11, 2019
Though spells looking to be the sole cause of transformation may not work, they can, however, help put you in the mindset needed to physically grow various body parts. Not saying that any of you are wrong, but others believe differently than you, and as people, you need to respect that. I'm sorry for the rather unfair use of wording, I would like to see less of theese comments regarding very blunt ways of forcing your beliefs on another. Thanks again, TheSmallFox

May 14, 2019
I see your point, but this isn't ''forcing your beliefs on others'' we are stating facts. You wouldn't claim a teacher or doctor is ''forcing their beliefs'' when they teach children that 2+2=4 or that their arm is broken and needs a cast. We are stating facts about witchcraft. Physical transformation doesn't happen because magick is a natural energy that effects energy, and works within the laws of nature. Weather spells are a ''grey area'' in magick, some claim they work, others do not, but the theory is you can focus enough energy to move weather patterns and change the weather. Some feel that's too much power, others see it as energy effecting nature. Weather spells are possible in theory [and I know many who believe they're true. Personally I think they are possible but they require a lot of energy] so I'm not going to go to the weather spells and say they're all fake because there is a sliver of possibility. As for outright fake spells such as this, I don't want people wasting their time, getting upset, and leaving the path. Shorter responses can come across harsh [i know this] but long responses take up too much space in this format and I doubt people would read them all.

Oct 24, 2019
I have a question if you don't believe well from what I'm getting whay are you on this. Some people would like to believe in magic and just saying everyone who is reading this Magic is real it's around us in us we just have to believe. I'm also trying to wonder what happen to your childhood? When I was little and even now I still believe in santa, tooth fairy, the easter bunny,and jack the snow king. Not any of this is related to this but they all have something to do with magic and if you believe in them well u should believe in magic. TheSmallFox is telling the truth this spell does work I tried a couple and they worked. Also hope you do know you could be more than one thing. You can be a witch/wizard, vampire, were-wolf, hybrid, etc. Don't try to mess with our beliefs because you don't believe in it just keep your comments to yourself

So i did this and was wondering if it is normal to have a bad pain in one shoulder sorry im new at this stuff

May 14, 2019
Unfortunately you cannot transform into anything, magick doesn't work that way. The reason your shoulder hurts is a placebo effect. Your mind wants it to work so it's telling your body it's in pain when really you're fine. You can try working with angels or demons in your craft, but you cannot become one.

It is not possible to become a angel/demon. Sorry for sounding rude, but that is just how life works most of the time. If you wish, you could always pretend to be a demon and angel [like I do because I have nothing better too do with my life]. It is important understanding real magick and not real magick. Again, sorry for sounding rude I am just trying to help a little and give some advice.

You cannot become a half angel, half demon with wings. Retractable or not. You are human. Real Magic does not defy nature as this spell suggests.

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