Elemental Powers

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This is a spell to give you control over the elements.

Casting Instructions for 'Elemental Powers'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An ice cube(or any form of ice)
  • A leaf
  • Ashes or anything that has been burned in a fire
  • A cup of water
  • A feather
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An ice cube(or any form of ice)
  • A leaf
  • Ashes or anything that has been burned in a fire
  • A cup of water
  • A feather

First, go outside and place all the materials in a pentagon around you, you should then sit cross-legged in the middle. Pick up the feather and chant: "ventum circa flantem, celeriter et sine voce."

Then put the feather back, you should feel a slight breeze. Then pick up the leaf, and chant "Terra, terra, diem noctemque tenebris lux es causa" Then put the leaf back, you should feel a slight tremble.

Then pick up the ashes and chant "ignis, ignis, siccus et calidus, periculum est conplexio" Put them back, you should feel slightly warmer.

Then pick up the water and chant "aquam fluentem ieiunium abyssi caeruleus admodum ingens" Then put the water back. You should feel a slight urge to drink the water. Don't.

Then pick up the ice and chant: "glaciem, glacies, frigus et acuti, in harmonia uniens elementals cithara" Your powers should come in in 2-4 days


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I also like this spell. Seems doable! I did something similar ages ago but it was only to make it rain, it rained for like 10 minutes as it was forecast for sun all day

spell actually work?

Feb 02, 2020
No, you can't control Elements

Feb 03, 2020
Incremental speaks the truth. We work with the elements, we don't control the elements.

Jan 26, 2021
First off [not hating] if we could , if we had that power there would be chaos. As said in some sayings if you're immortal what is the need to multiply. This is the exact reason humans don't have any ability of the sort.

You cannot control the elements.

May 01, 2020
I agree with, we can work with hem for protection or hex, not control them

I think this spell would work in a way you would not control the elements but summon them.

Jul 07, 2020
This specific spell is flawed, but yes, a spell similar to this could help you connect/summon with the elements, but not control/manipulate them.

Aug 29, 2020
Probably. I feel like spells like these do work, but the problem is that people are too impatient or too lazy to develop the abilities they once wanted. I think this spell does work, but it takes time and energy. Casting a spell for these powers is just the first step to mastery of them.

Aug 29, 2020
Not only laziness [i tried this for a week, why aren't I the Avatar yet?!] but also expectations. You can connect with the energies of each element, you can work with the elements to do subtle things [weather spells, for example, spells that utilize one specific element, feeling the natural flow of energy within each element] you can't will the earth to transform or knock your enemy down with a blast of air. People expect that result, and when all they manage is to make a candle flame grow and shrink, they get upset and quit. [or, they double down and start yelling at people who try to explain how to work with elements in the natural limitations of our physical plane]

I agree with you Nekoshema. When people yell and accuse people like you for saying a spell doesn't work, they're probably upset that spell didn't work and is trying to take their anger on something or someone. I honestly enjoy reading all of your comments, it gives me a new perspective on how a spell works or why it wouldn't work. And there honestly isn't anything wrong with saying your pinion of a spell, especially if you know what your saying. I haven't really tried any elemental spells, but I was told earth spells were my strength. Does anyone know any that would work?

Sep 10, 2020
Thanks, I get people are upset and need to vent at someone, so it never bothers me [doesn't mean I enjoy it, but I get it] While I'm trying to help people learn, I'm not saying my opinion is the right one [it's the difference between when a teacher tells you 2+2=4 and when a yoga instructor tells you how to do a stance, but you don't have to copy it exactly if it doesn't feel comfortable.] Regarding elemental spells, firstly, I'm not an Elementalist [I have a friend who is] but I work with the elements, particularly water and fire. Earth spells utilize the earth element [obvious statement, I know] so look into spells that work with crystals, salt, sand, or burying items. The earth element is for strength, stability, and for longer gain [if you want to build a strong foundation or have a spell work over a longer period, you would call on the earth element] Spend time in nature, barefoot walks, and meditating while holding crystals to tap into this energy. If you want an easy earth spell, look into protection salt/dirt.

Thank you!

You cannot manipulate the elements, but you can work alongside them. Elemental Magick doesn't have the Avatar: Last Airbender effects going on. No, it's all about harnessing the natural energy to cast spells that work naturally. Period. Now maybe in 2055 the world will have found immortality and a key to creating Hollywood magic in real life, then Elemental Bending could be considered plausible, until then, nope.

I used to practice summoning air for a while. I got so good at it, I could summon it just by thinking about it. Didn't use this spell though

Can one work with the element to move if the element wants to

Dec 30, 2022
This spell is entirely pretend. You cannot physically control the so-called elements. Any breeze after summoning the wind was likely to happen any way, and often the spells talking about summoning wind insist one waits for it to happen after. It's confirmation bias. Any trembling felt after trying to connect with earth is entirely psychosomatic. The list continues. Rather than listen to such nonsense as the spell above, remember that the use of the elements in any legitimate magical practice is using physical attributes of each to represent qualities of emotion, action, or energy (in the preternatural sense). No real magic practice references connecting with fire in the sense that someone somehow controls physical fire, but the ''heat and dry'' nature as some may attribute to it, the fast action, ascension, passion, movement, etc., of what fire represents should be the association with the element. It's a very simple tell for legitimate versus illegitimate methods you'll encounter.

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