Elemental Powers


An ice cube(or any form of ice)
A leaf
Ashes or anything that has been burned in a fire
A cup of water
A feather


This is a spell to give you control over the elements.

Spell Casting

First, go outside and place all the materials in a pentagon around you, you should then sit cross-legged in the middle. Pick up the feather and chant: "ventum circa flantem, celeriter et sine voce."

Then put the feather back, you should feel a slight breeze. Then pick up the leaf, and chant "Terra, terra, diem noctemque tenebris lux es causa" Then put the leaf back, you should feel a slight tremble.

Then pick up the ashes and chant "ignis, ignis, siccus et calidus, periculum est conplexio" Put them back, you should feel slightly warmer.

Then pick up the water and chant "aquam fluentem ieiunium abyssi caeruleus admodum ingens" Then put the water back. You should feel a slight urge to drink the water. Don't.

Then pick up the ice and chant: "glaciem, glacies, frigus et acuti, in harmonia uniens elementals cithara" Your powers should come in in 2-4 days

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