Summon a Goblin

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The intentions of this spell are to cause fear to someone who is bothering you. Your goblin will not hurt this person. The ''goblin'' is a symbol for fear toward the person. This further causes the enemy to leave you alone and your goblin further obeys you.

Casting Instructions for 'Summon a Goblin'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Baggie
  • Dirt
  • Your blood
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Baggie
  • Dirt
  • Your blood

You'll need to first write a letter to your deity explaining why you deserve this fear goblin. It should be placed in a bag full of dirt and barried. You need to wait a month and say this spell calling demons of fear:

"Demons I call you from above
It's time to push and shove
This angry person of hate
I really cannot wait
To destroy this person's light
With fear and evil might
For as long as they cause me trouble
I'm no longer trapped in their bubble"

This should begin to work instantly. You will feel protected by your "goblin" and this person will begin to leave you alone and stop bringing fear into your life as they have fear of you. Great for people who are being bullied


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Hi! How exactly does our (in this case mine) blood come in to use ?

Aug 12, 2019
I believe t is to maximize the spells power. Blood from a cut is good for general blood magick.

I'm going to give this one a try around Halloween with few altercations to the words.

Feb 09, 2020
up to you to wait, but you can cast it whenever. If you're waiting for the veil to thin, you could do it at Beltaine, which is also associated with the faerie folk.

It would be cool if moon phases were included on this site and other things. .. Just a suggestion.

Feb 08, 2020
They are !

Feb 09, 2020
information about moon phases? there are articles about them. a moon chart to show what phase the moon is currently in? we have that too [you might need to go to your settings to turn it on if it's not on the corner of your screen... unless you're on your phone, it doesn't work on your phone]

Can I just do this for fun

Feb 17, 2020
go ahead, nobody's going to stop you, just understand casting a fake spell for fun won't make it work, you're just wasting your energy.

Hi, This may be a bit long but please bear with me. I have not been into occult my whole life until just recently. A day ago I had done a purifying/banishing bath and I was made aware of a tiny angry goblin that follows me around and is trying to scare me. For context I have been scared my whole life of occult and have mild anxiety and remember being followed by a scary entity since I cant remember. After I became aware of the gobblin, I googled small angry goblin and your page showed up. Is there a way for me to reverse or break the spell? Since to me it seems like I'm not aware of the caster? Any advise is very welcome.

Jan 02, 2021
The best thing to do, as there is no counter or reverse spell for this, Just Do A Protection spell, And Banish the goblin, Or if that is too much, These kind of spells last MAXIMUM Only for a week or two

Barried? I'm confused on that

Apr 08, 2022
I think it is a typo. I believe the writer means buried. IE; put into the ground and covered.

This is not the method to summon a goblin, but I would not be surprised if you catch a wandering beings attention. This would do more harm than good, so I do not recommend testing it unless you have protections in place. Nothing in this spell really entices a goblin. You would need offerings specifically for the goblin and you would need to state as such. As for the bottom information, the chant is not for protection. You are calling on the goblin for vengeance. You would be sending an ethereal being to attack your enemy, not shield you from your enemy. There is a difference. You also never said ''goblin'' in the chant, you said ''demon.'' Goblins are a type of fairy. And while historically, fair folk were turned into demons by the church, they are different.

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