Summon a Goblin


Your blood


The intentions of this spell are to cause fear to someone who is bothering you. Your goblin will not hurt this person. The "goblin" is a symbol for fear toward the person. This further causes the enemy to leave you alone and your goblin further obeys you.

Spell Casting

You'll need to first write a letter to your deity explaining why you deserve this fear goblin. It should be placed in a bag full of dirt and barried. You need to wait a month and say this spell calling demons of fear:

"Demons I call you from above
It's time to push and shove
This angry person of hate
I really cannot wait
To destroy this person's light
With fear and evil might
For as long as they cause me trouble
I'm no longer trapped in their bubble"

This should begin to work instantly. You will feel protected by your "goblin" and this person will begin to leave you alone and stop bringing fear into your life as they have fear of you. Great for people who are being bullied
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