Super Easy Revenge Spell

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Simple revenge spell that will cause the enemy misfortune and a little pain, but will not kill them.

Casting Instructions for 'Super Easy Revenge Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Enemy's first and last name
Find a quite, empty room, then chant the following twice:

Goddess Hecate hear my cry,
Harm (Enemy's name) thou he/she shall not die
This is my will, and (enemy's name) shall fall!

Possible Side Affects:
Want to laugh like a lunatic

Please mail me results/ other side affects. This has worked miracles for me!

Added to on Feb 25, 2014
Last edited on Nov 13, 2019
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I think this works...

Sep 16, 2019
In theory if you charge enough energy and visualize your desired outcome [though if you're expecting death from this I highly doubt it, more back luck and stubbed toes]

I did get dizzy

Sep 24, 2019
It made someone lose a toenail.

Nov 30, 2019
so it really works

Mar 01, 2020
I haven't tried this yet so I hope it works for me

so the side effects, effect you not your enemy

Dec 07, 2019

I have been trying this one. It has not helped yet. I did get really dizzy the other day.

Dec 10, 2019
firstly, becoming dizzy after a spell usually means you didn't charge energy from outside your body and instead drained the energy your body needed to function. secondly, give it time. spells take time to manifest, this could also be affecting them in ways you can't see.

Could this work,maybe,with their SO breaking up with them?Just asking...

Jan 12, 2020
focus your negative emotions while visualizing that outcome

Do you have to do this at a certain time?

Jan 30, 2020
no. you could pick the perfect time to curse someone, but you don't have to. charge your negative energy/emotions and say the chant when you feel ready. [the listed side effects sound iffy. the first two are effects of draining your energy and not charging energy into your body. the second one is typical when you cast before thinking. the last one is just silly]

Not going to lie as soon as I finished saying the spell two times I felt a small headache but I thought I didn't do it right so I tired it again and channeled all my hate for the girl into it and after saying it two times my headache got so much worse, hope that means it works.

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