Brush of Relief

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This spell is to take away pain. Physical and Mental.

Casting Instructions for 'Brush of Relief'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None.

Place your hands on the spot that hurts. (Place them on your forehead if mental or emotional.)
Draw a pentagram on the spot with one finger. Chant the following: "This pain I feel
Is unreal. Remove it now. And let me howl. My praises to thee always."


Added to on Jul 02, 2017
Last edited on Aug 17, 2017
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As outlined, I do not believe it works. You did not focus energy, and you do not repeat the chant. Simply saying ''heal'' does nothing.

Dec 01, 2023
He has been here more then you

Dec 03, 2023

... Who is he? Was there a comment which was deleted? Kit_the_Kat signed up six years ago, when I did nine, and her profile says she identifies as female. Are you saying I have been on this site more frequently than Kit_the_Kat because she has not been on the site in years? I fail to see why any of those would be relevant. It is the quality and quantity of study that matters more than the years of study. The only reason decades of practice matter is because you had more time to study and practice. And since I was born and raised in The Craft, I have walked this path for thirty years. One thing I have learned is people struggle in the beginning and misinformation can break their experience. I am going through the spells to educate people.

Outright fake spells get a quick ''Fake'' from me to save time. This spell is plausible. You can cast a spell to help alleviate pain. This specific spell, however, does not seem genuine. This could be a troll spell, or it could be made by someone who thinks they know how to write a spell. For this reason, I began with ''As outlined'' then explained if it would work, and then explained why. Perhaps my direct critique was interpreted as harsh, which was not my intention.

But, with that said, I still have no clue what your comment means.

How do you know? be nice. Also, do we actually have to draw on our foreheads?

Dec 02, 2023
Tadashi knows because of experience, practice, and study. Just as I do. And I agree that this particular working, as it is, would do little good. The description of the process is incomplete, information that would greatly improve the effectiveness of the process is missing. Perhaps the original writer assumed the average reader would have experience in magical/meditative processes already, and would know about the need to focus intent and will. Or maybe the writer just didn't think to put such details in because their own practice includes those steps without active focus. ...Or, maybe the writer simply didn't know.>p> Regardless, processes like this one do require more input from the person involved in order to achieve some sort of benefit from something like this. For example, finding a moment of stillness and quiet in order to focus on the process and purpose undisturbed. Beginning with a breathing exercise or affirmation to bring mental focus towards the goal. Visualizing positive energy gathering within you. Being mindful of what the pentagram represents as you draw it, and how it's influenced and meaning relate to the goal at hand.

To a swer your question; I don't think the pentagram-drawing is necessary, but I do see how some might find it useful. The act of touching a specific area and rubbing it in any way helps bring a tactile connection to where you are wanting to bring relief. It might provide a physical action to help guide the energy you have gathered towards your goal.

On a slight sude-note, I think the chant might be improved with a bit of simplifying. The 'let me howl' phrase has nothing to do with relief of pain that I can fathom; there's no literal or figurative connection between it and the goal of relieving pain. It seems put (crowbarred) in specifically to make the spell rhyme. ...While rhyme is nice, it makes things easier to remember and more fluid to say, it isn't necessary. No more than common tropes like adding 'So mote it be' or 'three by three'. Personally, I would probably just softly repeat a simple one-line phrase tailored to the situation at hand. Something as straightforward as ''Let this pain fall away- tension be released.''

Dec 02, 2023
Edit; >p> was supposed to be a paragraph-break html tag. ...But As usual my typing skills lapsed once again.

Dec 03, 2023

I agree with Spirit's comment pertaining to this spell. Kit_the_Kat could have had any number of motivations for creating this, but I simply commented on the spell presented. When I comment on spells, I am doing so to educate, not to insult the person who posted it. Unless I see you only post fake spells, I do not think about the person who posted it. I was handed a spell, I read it, and critiqued it.

As for the pentacle, they can be used for protection. They could also represent the elements and could be used to represent them in the spell. You could use any symbol here. I would suggest one associated with healing.

The chant itself needs an edit. I do not believe chants need to rhyme, but it helps with the repetition. It makes it easier to remember and helps you fall into a trance. I go with simple chants over flowery ones. ''Heal my wound'' works just as well as a full poem. The chant tells the energy what you want it to do, the repetition charges it.

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