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Hello! My name is Lily! I'm from the United States. I'm 26. I'm a straight female. I was adopted by my grandma and my aunt (they live in the same house) when I was 7. My parents died in a car accident when I was 7. My grandma died in her sleep 2 years ago.
How I discovered magic?
My grandma taught me everything. When she died, my aunt took over my training. The Coven I am a part of contributed greatly to my education and friendship. My aunt has been training me to take over and lead the Coven when she dies.
I am doing free tarot readings. All you need to do is PM me and request a tarot reading. If I agree to do one, please inform me about the situation with as many details as possible. Please keep in mind, I do not choose what I read. I just read the cards. I can?t help it if you get a card that you don?t like. Please keep a decent attitude when receiving results.