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Earth energies

Forums ► General Info ► Earth energies
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Earth energies
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I'm sure we have all heard of lay lines, at one point it was theorized that they only existed in Britain because of the extent of effort spent on mapping these lay lines by olden witches. These energies canalse were at one point underground rivers, in fact some times these underground rivers while forming lay lines would puncture and cause the energies to sour. The stone and metal caps used to fix these punctures would become magnetized and filled with the same sort of energy, adding a scientific explanation to what was once considered hoodoo Mumbo jumbo . But many monasteries would build churches on top some of the focal points of these lay lines to gain better influence in that area.

Dragons breath, in areas in Asia the people call their lay lines dragons breath. In this area when the energies became negitive they would call it sour or noxious dragons breath . Of course they go to much greater extent to correct these energies, for example if the dragons breath under a property was thought to be noxious people would Change the shapes of walls in the rooms and angles of cornors , set up an altar's devoted to dragons, or even delivering iron stakes into the ground To change the flow of energies to correct them. This is widly practiced by business men or certain areas and many have said it brings them good luck.

Burial mounds- many burial mounds in every part of the world have been placed over lay lines or have created massive energy wells. The objects withing these mounds resonates with a powerful and strange energy. And when open incorrectly will cause massive thunderstorms in a matter of hours or even minutes.

This leads me to the point of all this, I am currently doing an experiment. I am creating a burial mound for a one of my favorite dogs using a dragons circle Around the mound and currently working on a herb gaurden on top. After I locate a few iron rods I will attempt to redirect portions of the Lay line to the grave and I am planning to burry shallowly a few of my favorite stones. I plan to test the energies . Ironically all the willow tree in the area have began growing three times faster and the tree growing from her grave and at one point cut down have began growing again as well. This is ironic because weeping willows are my favorite tree. I have a good feeling about this.

Any question or post requests please message me or comment.
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Re: Earth energies
Post # 2
very interesting post :)
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Re: Earth energies
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to General Info from Covens.
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Re: Earth energies
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
A picture of the nearly completed mound has been added to my photos and taken off of private.
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